Tuesday, July 31, 2012

38 weeks!

First up... slight delay in today's post because computer totally crapped out. More on that in a bit...

Bump shot!

It still looks like she's really high, which can't be helped with my torso :)

Yesterday was good after the appointment. DH was off so we headed to Target to take back the monitor my mom bought us and the shopping cart seat cover thing we bought and then purchased a few other things we still wanted to get.
Another changing pad fitted cover, couple of changing pad water proof things (we weren't sure if bassinet mattress was water proof so got these for it), erm... another 3 pack of burp clothes, a cute pair of Gamecocks onesies that were on clearance (DH wanted them), and another swaddle thing.
Also got the trash can for the diapers and a hook for the door to hang the diaper bags on. OH and one of those cheap plastic drawer container things for the closet to put the heavy blankets in. Won't need those any time soon and they were taking up space in drawers.

The nursery is good to go though. Spent a lot of time cleaning it up and throwing away stuff. Only thing that is out of place is the monitor whenever DH gets around to putting that in the bassinet.
Also washed all of the new stuff. Still need to fold it but that can wait.

Also got the hospital bag pretty much done. Only thing it will need is the camera and video camera and I think that's it. Oh and maybe a couple of books too.

So yeah... hearing the news that this little girl is coming in a week really kicked our butts in to action lol.

I'm still not having an urge to nest. The only reason I'm cleaning and whatnot is because well.. I need to. No maternal instinct to do it. That sucks b/c I sure could use that burst of motivation and some energy.

So.. my computer is just slowly but surely turning to shit.
The power flickered for whatever reason this morning. When I finally got up, came in to the comp room and my computer would not turn back on.
I finally just got around to opening it up. Thought maybe it was clogged full of dust and hair, but nope. There was some but not enough to hinder anything.
Sprayed it with some compressed air anyway and *shrugs* It turned back on so yeah, no idea what was wrong.

Really need to get a new computer though. SIGH! This one just has to hold out a little while longer though. Just long enough for us to get some $$ and get a new one :P lol
OOOOO isn't a tax free weekend coming up for back to school stuff? Hmmmmm....... may have to bug DH for that.
Should NOT be thinking about this right now with a LO coming along, but damnit.. I love my computer! rofl ;)

Oh last night was... painful. I laid in bed, usually start on my left side and I dunno what the hell triggered it but a spot on my left side started to hurt. Thought maybe baby girl was just laying on it weird or something so I rolled over and it got worse.
Of course DH started making jokes, making me laugh which made it worse :P
It did eventually fade though but lord, that felt awful!
Like a really bad side stitch x10.

I think that's it. Hmmm.... OOOOO I finally vacuumed some today! WOO! Have most of the house done. Been doing it a room at a time so I don't get too achy.
Just have the bedroom to do next and I think that's it. YAY :D

It's about time too. Good lord the floors were looking terrible. They still don't look all that great b/c of the dog hair. BLEH.

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~Rian said...

woohoo!!! Not much longer. And Go Cocks!!! ;-) Being from SC I know that we are probably the only state that you can say that on the radio/tv without being bleeped out. :-)