Tuesday, July 3, 2012

34 weeks!

Just a month and a half left... MAYBE!

Bump photo

Today compared to 31w
It's poking out a little more and it's slightly rounder (at least at a looking down angle).
Not a huge change though. Think it's b/c I've been losing weight while LO is gaining.

Sugar after dinner was a bit higher than it should be. I wanted hamburgers so fixed some for our dinner and well... I had 2. They were frickin delicious, but I knew I shouldn't have had 2 b/c my sugar after was 138.Oops.
I don't think one higher sugar reading here and there is a problem, but I still don't like it when it happens. Sigh... damn delicious bad food!! Should've just eaten the patty w/out the bun but oh well.

Oh bleh.. also, when I checked that sugar, after I pricked my finger, squeezed it a little to get the blood out and it sprayed all over me! That was really weird! Never had that happen before and it kinda freaked me out lol.

DH also wanted to check his sugar just to make sure it was ok. I swear...... he wasted 3 strips and an entire lancet catridge!! It really wasn't his fault entirely though. He kept trying to prick his finger but he must have thick skin or something b/c he could barely get any blood out.
Oh well. Need to get more test strips anyway.

I have an idea for decor over the crib! I don't wanna say what it is just yet in case it's a no go. Either way I'll reveal what it is, but just not yet heh.
I do need to head over to Michael's today to pick up a few things. I hate going there. Always scares me. Lots and lots of old women driving and parking.... yikes. I know that's so bad of me to say lol, but come on... old women drivers aren't exactly the best.

For the good guy moon... I was using a purple felt and embroidering their logo on to it. Welp.... purple was a BAD color choice b/c it looks just like a purple KKK hood. O_O
I didn't realize it until I started to sew it up last night. I remember joking about the bad guy one when sewing it, just saying that the shape looked like a KKK hood.
But this one... the purple color along w/ the red on it... just no way!
So yeah.... cutting out the embroidered pattern and going to sew it on to another color fabric. Damn racist bastards ruining my stuff! Grrrr

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