Thursday, July 12, 2012

2nd NST

Done and done.
Took a bit longer b/c the nurse forgot about me lol, but it all worked out b/c apparently, even though lil Zoe was moving like crazy at the beginning, her heartrate wasn't reacting as it should have, but near the end it was.
So even if the nurse had checked on me sooner, I would've had to be monitored a little longer anyway.

Treated myself to Chic-Fil-A for breakfast this morning and had a diet Dr. Pepper. Good to know that she hasn't gotten used to caffeine b/c seriously... she was SUPER active at the beginning. I mean so much so that she was causing the bed I was laying on to shake with her kicks and movements.
I don't have caff often so although I do feel a little guilty for having the tiny bit I had... I'm not worried about it.

I want to SLEEEEEEP.
I did actually sleep pretty well last night when I actually fell asleep. It's just that falling asleep part that takes forever! Lay there for a good hour or more trying to fall asleep. And then whenever I wake up to pee, it takes at least 10-15min to fall back to sleep.
Wanted to get up at 6:30 this morning, but woke up with DH's alarm at 5:30 and was wide awake.
Tired now but yeah, best not to take a nap b/c it will screw up trying to get to bed at a decent hour tonight.

OOO we've been getting thunderstorms for the last couple of days off an on. It's cooling the weather some though. Only supposed to get up to 88 today! YAY! Not that it's been hot in the house or anything, but still.... it's gonna be nice not feeling like your walking in to an oven whenever I open the door to let the dogs in or out :P

Plan for today is to get one of the suitcases and start packing the hospital bag. Can't pack everything right now obviously, but whatever clothes for myself and baby, etc will go in.

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