Monday, July 16, 2012

Just shove it right on in there

Holy crap O_O

See.... these are things people just do not tell you about!!

Getting your cervix checked SUCKS. Well, maybe if your OB has nice long fingers, it's not so bad, but if they have tiny little petite fingers... be prepared to feel like they're shoving their entire hand up your vajangle!
That was just... unpleasant. I mean she was just ALL up in there! rofl Holy moly..... seriously... not what I was expecting at all.

Anyway... I also had the GBS swabs done. That's also pretty bleh. The vaginal one not so bad, but feeling the Q-tip being run along your ass... yeah... that's not cool ROFL. Thankfully it's only a second or 2, but still... not really something you read about often so you don't prepare for it :P
I'll get results for that next OB appointment.

Uhm what else..... oh my u/s went well so there's that at least.
Made sure to ask the tech to check gender again and yep... still a girl. Very obvious that Zoe is still a girl heh.
She's measuring great though. Still looks like she has short little legs, but everything else is measuring well.
Estimated weight is about 6lbs 6oz. She said that was in the 53rd percentile? I guess that's about average. Just glad she's growing like she should and not going to be huge.. well if it's correct.

What else what else....
Talked to OB about my fasting numbers. She wasn't that concerned since most of the higher ones aren't THAT high. Only a point or 2 above what it should be. Said that just going to watch to see what happens with that.
Also said that I may be getting induced between 39-40w. They don't let GD patients go over their DD, but they're hoping I'll go in to labor on my own so won't have to be induced or anything. I think I will... or well.. I'm hoping I will although getting a set date would be nice too heh.

Uhm.. oh, I'm about 50% effaced and a little less than 1cm dilated. Was told that I may bleed a little after cervix checks which would be a good thing b/c it means my cervix is doing what it should or something. Just so long as it's not gushing, then it's normal.

Finally... Zoe has most def moved down. The u/s tech had to move the whatchamacallit pretty low to measure her head and she hit a spot that hurt. Not sure what it was, probably my bladder being sandwiched by her and the LO.

Oh and I forgot.. I peed ALL over my hands at the OB office. Gross! I was seriously about to pee in my pants when I got there. I'm usually great with getting the PP in to the cup, but it was going all over the place and yeah.... just glad it was just my hand and nothing else. No wetspots on my pants or shirt I had to try to hide lol.

Yep... that's pretty much it I think.


lisabttc said...

Oh my!! Sounds awkward and uncomfortable! So glad everything is looking right on track though! :-) You're doing great!

Melody said...

Al I can say is out of the 5 people i know to get late ultrasounds including myself. They have been off by at least a pound. They said my son was 5lbs 5oz and he was born 6.4. My friend they said her daughter was 8lbs and she came out two days later at 10.3. So just making sure you are aware they she is probably about a pound bigger than what they are saying.

Hopefully she doesn't get too big for you but it's also not the weight that's the issue for deliveries its the head size. So dont worry about her weight to much. Just hope for a small head :p

LisaL said...

Yeah, I've read that the weight can be off. I hope she isn't too much larger than they're estimating.
And her head... yeah, I don't think I'm gonna have luck w/ it being small. I have a HUGE head and I'm sure that will be one thing she gets from me rofl.