Friday, July 6, 2012

Bad timing!!

Yesterday was awful!!!

Our frickin AC stopped working and it was another 100 degree day outside. BLEH!
Not sure when it started exactly. Was sitting here and the AC unit outside kicked on and I noticed that it was louder and didn't sound right.
Then, I started to notice that it was getting warmer in the house. Pulled out the small step ladder to get close to a vent and sure enough, warm air was being blown out.
I played with the thermostat for a bit, the unit shut off and never came back on.
Called DH, he came home after work and called up his grandpa that knows someone. We called this guy and he eventually made it out to us after he got off of work. He repairs AC's for a living but also does it on the side after work to earn extra money. And lemme tell ya, he must make a ton. For 10mins of his time, we had to pay him $125. It was well spent though b/c he knew immedietly what was wrong! WOO!
Some thing inside the AC... capacitor? I think it's called, just pooped out. So he replaced it and tada! It's working again!
It was up to 89 in the house when it started to work and has taken all night to get it back to 76.
Capacitors only cost.. maybe $20 or a little less/more depending on what you get. So if the AC ever craps out again on us.. at least we know what to look for now and won't have to shell out another $125 if it needs to be replaced heh.

It's Friday though! YAY! Don't think we have anything planned for this weekend, but still... it's the weekend! WOO!
Need to start working on the nursery stuff again. WOuld've yesterday but it was too hot to do anything other than sit your butt in front of a fan :P

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