Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gotta love grandma!

Just got back from my mom's place. Of course she had to feed me before I left which I wasn't about to pass up.
Delicious Korean food? Yes please!
Seriously... if you've never had Korean BBQ before... find yourself a Korean friend... preferably one that has a mother that likes cooking, or find a Korean restaraunt, whatever... and GET SOME. It's the best stuff you'll ever put in to your mouth. Well.. if the place is any good that is ;)

Anywho, had some of that along with seaweed soup. I know that sounds gross to those that aren't used to eating it heh. Apparently it's tradition for Korean women to eat A LOT of it after giving birth *shrugs* I'm fine with that b/c it's awesome.

Anyway.... the trip to Target wasn't that bad. Tylenol helped some. Didn't take away all of the pain, but made it a bit more tolerable. It's def worn out now though... ouchie :( And baby kicking at the spot is not helping!

Scored more blankets, 2 crib sheets, 1 changing pad cover and a baby monitor. WOO! Don't think it's the exact one we wanted, but it's an Angelcare sound and movement one. Think the Angelcare we were looking at was the deluxe edition. They had one w/ 2 monitor things, but it was A LOT more expensive. *shrugs* If DH wants to exchange it then I have the receipt. I think this one will be just fine though.

Oh back to the pain..... I have the absolute worst gas in the world right now. I'm trumpeting out of my butt and yes.. it smells like roses... if those roses were dipped in shit and then slathered with gooey roadkill.  I'm surprised I haven't driven DH and our pets out of the house yet.
What makes it worse is that if I strain even a little it makes the left side pain worse. UUUUGH.

I just wanted to share that with ya. Class up your day some ;)

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