Wednesday, July 11, 2012

YAY coworkers!! *photo spam*

DH's coworkers that is since ya know... I'm a lazy unemployed bum :P

They threw him a mini-baby shower today :D
He said only 3 people were there waiting but that's not surprising considering how busy everyone is at his work hehe.
But they all pitched in to get us a few things.
And here are the photos!

Tiered diaper thing.
That had THIS on the top of it! Holy crap... best gift EVER!! lol
The pink bows on it are just regular clip on things, but SO frickin cute. Hat is a bit big so she won't be able to wear it for a while. Doesn't mean I'm not gonna put it on her anyway though! muahahahaha

Also got this baby tub full of stuff
The stuff

And the big item they pitched in for
YAY! And it's plug in too! WOO!
I put it together by myself and while easy enough.. man.. my body wasn't handling ANY of it well. It's not like it was difficult either, but I just started to feel weird and bleh. Thankfully I finally got it done though.

So yep... a few things to mark off our list. YAY! So SO appreciative of them getting us all of this loot.

While I'm at it, here are some nursery photos... nothing special really.

The glider/ottoman. I don't mind it being kinda squished in there. It still rocks no problem, but going to need to move the crib over a little so I can access the pockets on the arms.

Old tv w/ the stand it was on on the floor. It has the humidifier along w/ the tv digital box thing and the wii (for netflix).

The 2 moons I made. Not sure where they'll be hung in the room. Think DH wants to put them up by the mural on either side.

And a tie fighter I made that was supposed to be hanging from the dark side moon, but I made it WAY too big lol.
If we can figure out a way, may make it in to the top part of a mobile. We'll see.

Oh and the exciting ceiling fan. OOOOOOO, AHHHHHHH
The globe part totally looks like a boob w/ nip.


The loot SiL brought over on the 4th. Just got around to washing it all heh.
Think it's all NB to 3m stuff. Yeah think so b/c SiL keeps saying how her girl can still wear some 3m old stuff.

Furniture we got today. We have it situated now, but the photos were taken before. Meh... heh
It's SO frickin comfy and keeps you so cool. Great for this hot weather. Going to be interesting come winter though heh.

And finally... some oversharing. I'll just warn ya right now. This may be tmi for some, but I don't see why honestly. Not like I'm showing where it came out of lol.

I've become a bit obsessed w/ what's coming out of my bewbies. I don't do it all the time or anything. Just every once in a while I want to see how much colostrum I can get out. It's not much before I end up getting bored lol and I dunno... just wanted to share what it looks like I guess heh.
This is out of the left one.
Not sure if it's supposed to look like that. I've read it's supposed to be clear and well.. that is not clear.
Actually from that bewb... it comes out as what you see in the photo... Opaque, yellow and thick.
And then another spot it comes out transparent, yellowish and also thick/slick.
My right one doesn't give up the colostrum as easily but when it does, it also comes out clear, yellowish and thick/slick. So yeah... not sure if the opaque stuff is normal or not.


~Rian said...

The yellowish, thick, slick stuff is completely normal! That is exactly what my colostrum looked like. Yay for your body getting prepared for the baby. :)

Anonymous said...

Yellow and thick!! That's exactly what it's supposed to be!

lisabttc said...

Wow, so awesome of his coworkers! Woot!
Wow, the room looks SOOO good!!!
I know nothing about BB leakage hehe. Looks like you are getting close!