Thursday, July 12, 2012

Washing washing washing

Washing the cloth diapers today! Finally! lol
Got in the last shipment of diapers in. Bought 12 (+1 was free).
These were the ones I've been waiting for... except they were supposed to have a lot more fabric options, but I think I read that they were made in the wrong size so they only had the black available along w/ the purple ones that they didn't list.
So I just got 5 black and 7 of the purples.
I'm washing the microfiber diapers first. Going to wash them probably about 3 times to make sure all of the chemicals and whatnot are off and that they're absorbant.
I just hope I'm doing it correctly lol.

Then I'll do the bamboos. I may put that off until tomorrow since I don't think you're supposed to dry the covers in the dryer. Don't have a rack or anything to line dry so have very limited room to dry everything.
But WOO for getting it started!!

Took down the tower of diapers and there was a surprise in there!
It's a little jedi yoda costume!! It's pretty big so don't expect her to wear it any time soon lol. But still... awesome and adorable! hehe

I took all of the disposables and put them in a bottom drawer. Lots of diapers that won't go to waste.
But like I said in previous post.... I hope no one else buys us any more, but I'm sure someone will. *shrugs*

Just feeling good to finally be getting the finishing touches done. I don't want to be caught unprepared in case she decides to come a little early so this really eases some anxiety I've been having.


Melody said...

Ok I cloth diaper my boy so I'll give ya some advice..

Microfiber only needs to be washed once. Just to get the chemicals off but they are absorbent any right away.

Bamboo need to be washed about 5 times for night time use but you can wash them 3 times first and they should be fine for day time. Don't bother drying them inbetween. Also they are fine to go in the dryer. Wash these separately from everything else

Covers only need to be washed once and can go in with the microfiber. You can dry them in the dryer. I do all the time when Im lazy. I try to get them on the line outside but sometimes I leave it to close and need them right away. Just avoid the HOT setting but warm or low is fine

Hope that helps. Have fun. Oh and as far as detergent is concerned. I use ALLENS naturally. And I have used rock n green. But MANY people use tide and they just fine. I just don't like the chemicals in tide

Always do a cold rinse ( to get the poop off the diapers) and hot wash with detergent and then at least 2 more cold washed to get all the detergent out of them before you either hang or dry them

LisaL said...

Thanks so much for the tips Melody!! I've been asking everywhere I go and watching various youtube videos on washing techniques. Any little bit helps.

Yeah I'm just using Tide. Sold everywhere and not too expensive heh. We bought 2 small boxes of it while it was on sale. Should last us quite a while.

I was wondering about drying the covers. I kept seeing that it's prefered to line dry, but not sure if that's going to be possible since we're not allowed to have anything like that outside *shrugs* I dried on low heat for like 30min and that seemed to dry the covers almost completely so may just do that if I'm feeling lazy which pfft, of course I will heh.

Anywho... thanks so much again!!

Melody said...

No problem. People think cloth diapering is intimidating but it's really super easy. You just have to figure out a wash routine that works for you!
The hardest part for me is to stop buying more and more diapers!!! I have WAY to many and I even bought more newborn diapers when my baby son way too big for them and we aren't even trying for another baby : /
You baby will be here before you know it and the real fun will begin! Get your rest while you can! Lol