Friday, July 20, 2012

Has she or hasn't she?

To get my emotional rant off the top....

Wondering if this little lady has actually dropped any.
I def know it sure felt like it the other day but now... not so much. It's weird.
Def having to pee a lot more now.
At around 1 last night, I started waking up every hour on the hour needing to pee. Actually had a few dreams where I had to pee SOOOO bad, would wake up and yep.. had to go lol.
BUT I'm not feeling that same achy pressure I was before. Feeling eh, some things... but def not like it was.
And to me, my stomach doesn't look any different so *shrugs*
Maybe she just liked that position for a few days and then went back up. Heh I have no idea how it works.

About to go pick out a couple outfits for going home in for her.
Glad I didn't buy many NB sizes b/c... I dunno... have a feeling she's gonna be too big for them. Going to bring some along anyway just in case.
I'll post up photos of what I decide on.

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lisabttc said...

I hope she did drop!! Fingers crossed! Can't wait to see the outfits :-D