Thursday, July 26, 2012


So, DH goes out on Wednesdays to one of his friend's homes. They rotate which ones and it's just a bunch of nerdy guys hanging out heh.
Anywho.... last night, it was at the home of his one friend that he works with and introduced him to everyone else.
ALSO this guy and his wife just had their first little baby boy a few months ago.
They're not well off or anything and DH has only known him for hmm.. maybe a year?
Welp, DH comes home with a gift bag.
Wasn't expecting anything from them, but was touched that they thought to get us anything for the baby.
I take the bag, it's kinda heavy. Go to the kitchen and look in and my heart drops.
It's the expensive ass Angelcare Deluxe baby monitor we were looking at!!! The one with not one, but TWO recievers.... bought at target so they spent $150 on it!
Now I am very grateful for any gift, but I dunno... that just seems absolutely insane to me that they would buy that for us!
It would be different if say, they were well off and didn't have kids yet, but seriously... they should've spent most of that on themselves... not us!
I dunno why but it just made me feel like shit that they bought that for us.
DH feels the same way as well. It's like...... WOW, but then I dunno... it just feels SO wrong that they would buy us something like that. Difficult to explain. Sigh.

Anyway... they better be expecting some kick ass gifts on Xmas from us *nodnod*

Still was very much in pain yesterday that lasted through the night.
Last night's sleep was.... ok and then bad.
Woke up feeling extremely nauseated. Teetering on the brink of throwing up or not.
Thankfully I didn't but I was very close to upchucking.
Not sure what caused it.
Pain is gone today and hopefully stays that way. Still going to take it easy so no laundry just yet.
I am feeling off though. Like I'm on the verge of getting a really bad headache.
About to go eat something and hope it helps.

Thankfully I do have a plan for today though. I'm making the Thank You card! Talked to DH about it last night. I drew something for the wedding gifts thank you card.... DH thinks it would be a good idea to do the same for this one so yep I'll be working on that most of the day and hopefully will have it finished by at least Monday if not sooner.
Couldn't get to sleep last night so got up at around 11:30 to sketch out an idea I had. Went to bed around 12:30. Not a big deal since I usually don't get to sleep until about 11:30-12 anyway.

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