Saturday, July 14, 2012


Man... those little green baby bamboo diapers are a total pain in the ass to put the inserts in. The opening is MUCH smaller than the pure and natural diapers and my giant sausage fingers can't stuff them properly so I had to use cooking tongs lol. Even doing that though, the bamboo inserts are really slick and bump up SO frickin easily. UGH.
Oh well... I'll make them work damnit!

Nursery is pretty much done. Well, it has been for a while now heh. We still have a few more decorative things we want to get and we still need a diaper pail but other than that, yep, done!
Think DH is taking photos of it now so he can show them to his coworkers.

Speaking of coworkers... we picked up the bassinet today. YAY! It's like 5yo and all of the straps are dry rotted w/ age, but other than that it's good. Frame is metal so no worry there. Going to come in SO handy for however long we have her in our room. I'll get photos of it later.

I don't think we're going to be getting much at all tomorrow. From what it sounds like, a lot of the family that was invited are at the beach. Part of me is meh, kinda sad... only b/c we won't be getting as much, but then the other part of me is happy b/c not that many people will show and less attention on me.. the better :P

I def think Zoe has moved down a bit more. Not much but some.
Whenever I drink something, maybe 10-20mins later I have the need to pee. Even if it's just a little. Don't think I have a UTI or anything... hopefully. Just think it's her big little head putting more pressure on my bladder.
Dreading and interested to see if I'm dilated at all on Monday.

OH! Forgot.... bought some nursing bras and tanks at walmart today. Frickin expensive for nothing special but oh well.
There was a pack of 2 bras... got D cups since I read your boobs grow about a cup size? when milk comes in. Hopefully didn't waste money with that.
The other bra I got is more like a sports bra and just came in general large, XL, etc size so got an XL one.
I wasn't going to get the tanks b/c of the price, but DH thought it was a good idea *shrugs* Not gonna argue lol.


Shari said...

I had the walmart brand ones and the tanks were great especially for sleeping!

SLESE1014 said...

I had the motherhood tanks and target tanks and LOVE LOVE LOVEd them....a for nursing bras, I was told by my lactation consultant to wait 2 weeks after giving birth so my milk supply was fully in before getting sized. I recommend going to a specialty place. They might be expensive, but when those knockers get gargantuan you'll want something that's really gonna hold them in....of course I started rather large on top so I knew they were gonna be huge.

I also wore the nursing bra with the tanks for extra support....

I wouldn't wash the nursing bra just yet..the sports one is probably fine, but the other one I would wait just in case...

Only a few more weeks!!!

LisaL said...

Thanks SLESE for the tip. I mean these weren't UBER expensive or anything, but I'm used to cheaper bras lol. Not a fancy gal at all heh.
The cup size ones are just 2, so not going to be a big deal if I end up not being able to wear them. After LO is born, will probably check out Target and see what they have... or Kohls maybe.

Melody said...

I just had sleeping nursing bras (no underwire) for the first couple months as I had major over supply and was always HUGE!!! I went from a b normally to a d while pregnant to about 3 cups bigger when my milk came in. Now I'm sitting stead at about a d or double d. I'm glad I waited to till way after I delivered to get my good bras. My sleeping one I love is by Cake and it was 50$ but sooo worth it. My other two with underwire that I got later on we're about 45$ each from motherhood maternity and again well worth the money!

I avoided underwire for the first couple months as I have read its not the best for your breasts and developing your milk. But I could be wrong on that. (I am CRAZY SUPER paranoid about my milk supply I never sleep on my stomach and refuse to feed with a bottle in case anything messes it up, not sure why I am so crazy I could feed the neighbor hood and my son went from 6lbs to 19 in 5 months so I know it's good)

LisaL said...

Wow Melody, sounds like he was eating GREAT lol.
I hope I have great supply. Not going to beat myself up if I don't, but it would be nice to at least have the option to BF, ya know.
UGH, I don't wear underwire now so def won't with a nursing bra. I avoid bras with underwire at all cost.
Just had too many bad experiences with it when I was younger and gave it up hehe.