Saturday, July 7, 2012

Stop looking at me that way!

So dinner last night was... uncomfortable.
I swear, DH's mom and aunt kept looking at me like I had just sprouted 2 heads b/c I don't care what kind of food is going to be at the baby shower.
Seriously... I don't give a flying crap!!
They just kept pestering telling me if I wanted something just say so. Yeah, duh, I know how to speak up and if I did care, I would.
This baby shower isn't for ME... it's being thrown because other people want to do it.
I've never given them any reason to think that I would want one or am the type of person that wants the attention.
Hell, I'm not that picky of an eater so fix whatever the hell they want and I'll show up!
I'm not SiL that had a damn list of every single thing she wanted!
Yeah can already tell this is going to be so... fun... :\
Just a week away and won't have to worry about this crap again!

I have to rant some more about MiL and aunt last night.
SiL mentioned that she wanted to move out of the area. Where? She didn't know. She and her husband don't make a lot of money so it's not like this would be a quick move or anything and she made it clear that it would be YEARS before they would actually really start looking in to it.

Well obviously no one wants her to move away b/c she'd be taking the LO with her, but DH's aunt kinda loud whispered to her
"Don't move my baby away from me." & "You can't move my baby away." when SiL ignored her first comment.
First of all... NOT YOUR BABY! And 2nd.. yeah it will be sad if they move far, but once again.. NOT YOUR BABY and how dare you try to guilt trip them in to staying where they don't want to be!!!
UUUUUUUGH that really pissed me off.

And when the aunt tried to get some backup from MiL... MiL said something that was just..... not right at all.
SiL said something like
"Well you'll have Zoe and *older sister's* litter of kids by the time we move."
MiL chimed in with a comment that was just TERRIBLE...
"Yeah... her (older SiL's) kids can play with *uncle & aunt's name* kids right?"

To clarify... DH's uncle and aunt are infertile and had been trying for at least 12-15years to get pregnant with no success and are at the end of their TTC journey since they're both close to 50 now. Also DH's older sister is over 35 and has bad endo so I guess MiL thinks she'll never have kids either.
Anyway... boy.. her snide little comment really pissed me off. I can only imagine what she said about DH and I behind our backs.
AND nevermind that DH's aunt that was sitting right there is also infertile and could not have children of her own.
Now I love my MiL and she usually doesn't say anything nasty like that, but I guess she wasn't holding back last night.
Yeah it must be nice to get pregnant on birth control like she did and be SO fucking fertile in your prime. We're not all blessed like that so how about STFU about shit you don't know or understand.

And I don't know why they've written other SiL off as well. Yes she has bad endo, but she only JUST got married not too long ago and hasn't really spent much time with her new husband since they're both in the military and are rarely on leave at the same time.
She could get knocked up extremely quick. Yes her age is only slightly up there, but there are plenty of women that get pregnant and have healthy children in their later fertile years.
She could be a baby making machine! Who knows.

Sigh... anyway... family is so frickin frustrating sometimes....

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