Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Just sat here a good 2mins trying to think of a title. Lol

Lets see.... well, I told my brother and his wife & my mom about getting induced on Tuesday. They're all really excited :)
Hell, my brother is actually going to take a day off. I don't think he should since it could take a while for baby to come, but that's what he wants to do.

DH also told his mom yesterday. He said she really didn't react which kinda surprises me since she's baby crazy. *shrugs*
Tuesday isn't the greatest day for THEM though. I know his sister has to work and that's the day MiL babysits for her so.. not sure how that's going to work out. Oh well.. less people trying to barge in to the room is fine with me. Not like baby is going anywhere :P
It's not a race to see how gets to hold baby first or anything, ya know?

Everything is pretty good here. Just have to finish up cleaning. Still have the bedroom to vacuum and I need to clean the stove off.
Also need to wash all of the stuff that MiL bought for the baby. DH picked it up yesterday.
Few mittens, socks, and 2 really cute receiving blankets that she made. I'll get photos later.

If you ever want to make your own cards and you go to Kinkos to get them printed. Make sure to tell them that YOU are going to fold them.
I frickin swear.... DH and I just assumed that we would fold them.... but nope... they charged us frickin 9cents per frickin card to fold. Seriously????
It's not like a fancy fold either, just a piece of regular card stock folded in half!!!! Such a F-ing rip off.
Anyway, the cards came out really cute. Made DH write out all of the Thank Yous last night. I don't really know his coworkers so just thought it would be better for him to do it.

I had the nastiest dream last night! That's your warning :P

Dreamt that I was being induced. And while in the hospital, I had to poo.. A LOT.
But they weren't just normal poos.... no... they were the size of footballs.
First few went down the toilet easily, but the last one was not budging so I had to get something to break up this giant turd in the toilet so it would flush. Got poo everywhere and yeah eventually cut it down so it all flushed away.

Couldn't dream about having a baby... oh no... had to turn in to a gross dream about shit :\

Oh and when I was talking to my brother yesterday, he mentioned to me that my dad wanted to come up here when baby is born.
Now I don't want that at all, but can't exactly stop him if he wanted to show up.
BUT that's not it... he wanted to STAY WITH US. WTF????
Even my brother thought that was ridiculous. I mean come the F- on.... who the hell would even think that was a good idea?
Hmmm... new parents with a newborn? Yeah, sounds like a great idea to intrude on their time together while they're adjusting b/c I'm too cheap to get a motel!

So yeah.... after my brother told our dad everything, thankfully he's not going to come up.
Just ugh.....  idiot.
If he never sees my baby girl and any future kids in person..... I'll be totally fine with that. He can stay his ass right where he is.

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