Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Ok, so I am a LITTLE dehydrated, but with the way I've been feeling these last couple of days, it's like I haven't had more than a sip of water here and there all day. Phlegmy throat, just an overall awful feeling of dehydration even though I'm drinking. Maybe not enough, but enough to where I shouldn't be feeling this. BLAH!
Other than that I've been feeling ok though... *shrugs*
Guess I'll just have to chug a lot of water today and see if that helps get rid of this blah.

This week is going by pretty fast. Before I knew it yesterday, it was time to go to bed lol. Helps to waste your free time watching Project Runway on hulu LOL.

I really wish I could get video of Zoe doing her head tilt when she asks something. It's SO stinkin cute and she knows it.... mostly b/c I always squee and tell her how cute she is after she does it ROFL.

UGH! Going to have to shampoo the carpet today. Came out of the bedroom this morning and all I smelled was piss from the living room. BLEH!
Not cat piss either.... which I have been getting a whiff of from our sunroom now.
These animals man... our house doesn't look like a pigsty, but it certainly smells like one.
Will have to do it when Zoe gets up from her nap that she doesn't want to take lol.

Feels like I'm forgetting something but oh well... I'll think of it later... maybe :D

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