Thursday, September 25, 2014

Quick story

So we bought Zoe these foam letters and numbers to play with. She LOVES them and seems to be learning her alphabet really well.
DH and I were eating dinner and watching tv while Zoe played with her letters. She brought over one and said "Z" and yep, it was the Z. So I praise her, tell her good job etc.
She does this a couple more times with different letters and gets it right each time. WOOT! Go Zoe! :D
Well by pure coincidence, she puts down an O w/ a couple of others and I swear it spelled Z-O-E
The E was a 6 or a 9 but it was turned so it looked similar to a lower case E.
Like I said, pure coincidence but I thought it was just the coolest thing hehe and Zoe sure got a kick out of DH and I going a bit too crazy over it :P hehe
Wish I had taken a photo of it now but oh well.

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