Friday, September 19, 2014

I think....

I'm feeling really really faint fluttery movement. I only notice it at night when going to bed though.
It's in the right place and it's SUPER DUPER light. Like fluttery fizzy bubbles. *shrugs*
Could be... could just be gas too.

This pregnancy has brought along a lot of discomfort. Kept waking last night to my hip? area aching and needing to change positions. Then I'd start getting this weird ache in my leg.
And even sitting here right now is making my hips and lower back ache a bit. I don't remember feeling this way this soon with Zoe. Oh I def did in 3rd tri, but barely in 2nd? No.
Oh well... it's not that bad. Uncomfortable but not too bad.

And I don't know what my obsession is with maternity clothes this time. I had almost no interest with the first one but this time? I want some. I'll probably end up buying a couple pairs of pants for when it's cold but that will be it. Just too expensive for something I'll not continue to wear after having the baby (and after everything shrinks back down some.. so a few months after that too).

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