Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Woot! Time to spend more money!

Well, that's if I can find a website with cute cheap maternity graphic tees. Wearing the one that I bought at the beginning of the month (finally got it a few days ago), and BOY is it comfy! And I just love the way it hugs the belly but still plenty loose for more room to grow.
I want to buy more but can only ever find cheesy maternity graphic tees. I don't mind those but it's not my taste.
The one I have says "Zombies eat brains. Don't worry, You're safe." :P
If I could find some with actual graphics on them and not just words, that would be great. Just b/c I'm pregnant doesn't mean I don't want to get my geek on!


Nevermind on spending more money. I can't find decent looking and AFFORDABLE t-shirts anywhere.
It's like with baby stuff, you put baby in front of it and have to tack on an extra 10-20 dollars.
Frickin maternity clothes are too damn expensive. Come on... $30 for a flippin t-shirt??? I don't F-ing think so.

Seriously considering starting SOMETHING to make women size and maternity size graphic t-shirts. I can't be the only nerdy woman that struggles to find those things in their size that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Maybe make an etsy shop. We'll see. I have all of these grand ideas and I always end up too lazy to do them lol. I still need to do the felt books idea that I have.

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