Monday, September 29, 2014

Such a drama queen

Man, Zoe is cute as hell but EVERYTHING is a travesty to her ROFL.
I know that's probably just how most, if not all, toddlers are. It's just a bit overwhelming sometimes to have this little person that freaks the F out over everything. Ok so she's not THAT bad but she breaks in to tears at just some ridiculous things :P
For example, I have some of those fuzzy colored pipe cleaners. She had one so I made it in to a heart shape. Well she bends it out of shape even a little... cue the meltdown.

She is a trip though. When she asks for food... I'm not sure what she is saying or what she thinks she's saying. But it sounds like eyes, rice, or something kinda rhymey with that lol. Obviously figured it out what she was wanting but still not really sure why she says it when she's hungry b/c she knows the word Food.

Also when she asks a question, she cocks her head to one side. It's SO stinking cute!

I really need to sit down and play/teach with her more though. I've been slacking a bit in that area of mommyhood. Bad me.
She is in little sponge mode right now and is picking up words and everything so quickly now. She needs me to be there to help her learn.

Pregnancy so far has been ok. Sciatica pain hasn't been too bad. Still get woken up by the pain, but it's been staying pretty mild.
Still having trouble sleeping. Just can not stay in a comfortable position and it's difficult finding that position.
I passed out last night though thank goodness. Slept great for the first half of the night but at around 3 or 4, I woke up and couldn't get back in to that deep sleep.

Having some diarrhea issues once again. I think it's just what I've been eating though. Lots of spicy food which does not sit well in my stomach. I can't help it though, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE spicy and crave it.

Cravings.... coffee. I had a cup o some instant decaff yesterday and it was awesome :D Let Zoe taste it and she loved it too lol. I only had some Dunkin Donuts sweetened creamer in it. It's barely sweet but was sweet enough that I didn't have to add any sugar or anything.
Gave Zoe the last teaspoon worth of it and she really enjoyed it. DH was kind of mad at me, but it's decaff... I don't see a problem with it. It was coffee, not a beer. lol

I am still shocked at how rounded my top belly is. I am still sporting the oh so lovely B belly, but all of my shirts make it look like I have a nice rounded preggo one so I'm cool with that hehe.
Just... dang... baby isn't even at my belly button yet.
I tried looking for the HB yesterday and couldn't find it. Bleh. May try again in just a few minutes.

And yeah... I think that's all for now. Next appointment is this Friday and I can't wait.
Thankfully these past few weeks haven't been dragging that much. I think the ones leading up to the anatomy scan will though. lol Can't wait to find out what we're having and hope baby is healthy in there :)

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