Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Keep your Business of Being Born bullshit "research" to yourself!!!

So as I've said, I'm a bit obsessed with watching Labor and Delivery videos right now. I just think it's interesting hearing different experiences no matter what they are. Now I do usually avoid the ones that proclaim that they did it med/naturally b/c usually from the ones I've watched before, they're deep deep DEEEEEP in to the woo bullshit that I just don't want to have to listen to.
I am NOT against either one of those. If you want to go med free... go for it girl!
Just don't start spouting off stupid "facts" about how you don't want a drugged baby or some other stupid thing you read on some NCB-fanatic website. Or how women who have c-sections didn't REALLY give birth, they were birth raped, or some other stupid bullshit.

So anyway, watched a really pleasant L&D story (the woman was pleasant) where ya know, things went a bit wrong and the woman ended up having a c-section b/c her baby wasn't moving down at all and things weren't progressing after 16hours after being induced. They were afraid her baby was going to be really big so eventually her doctor suggested a c-section.
Everything was fine, baby wasn't super huge or anything.... think she said 8 and a half pounds, but baby was in a weird position and would not have descended if they had decided to wait.
The woman in the video obviously wasn't hoping for the c-sec but was fine with the decision after the fact since her baby and herself were fine.

And then that's where I made the mistake of reading the comments. There is ALWAYS someone in the comments that MUST preach about doing it natural (if the woman had an epidural), or MUST preach about how the c-section wasn't necessary b/c ya know, apparently they were there and know more than doctors do! And of course, their favorite lines are.... "You need to do your research and watch The Business of Being Born!!!"
Really.... that's considered research?? Well gosh darn, I guess I'll just listen to every D-list celebrity now about their opinions on every medical issue out there. Screw the doctors who have medical training and lots and lots of experience dealing with every situation under the sun!

Oh and another line they really like to say on forums when women ask about elective c-sections.... "Go watch a c-section video and you'll change your mind."
Really? I don't think ANY surgery is going to be a fun watch and I don't think most women kid themselves in to thinking that it's going to look like puppies licking kittens. Hell, I could tell women to go watch a vaginal delivery. That's not exactly a great watch either IMO lol ;)

Anyway, I know I complain about this... A LOT. It just bugs the hell out of me.

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