Monday, September 22, 2014

Yay DH!

I pointed out that one of his friends seems to always get time off to go do stuff with his family... like apple picking.
It wasn't a dig at DH or anything, just me being a little jealous lol.
And I didn't know this but our concert is on the 7th which is a Tuesday. DH took off work until the next Tuesday! WOO :D
AND.... the state fair is going to open on the 8th! Double WOO WOO! OMG I've been dying for some fair junk food lol.

And he said we could go apple picking during his time off too. YAY! Going to be such a nice week :)

Also, I told DH that I wanted to do a lot of special stuff with Zoe before baby arrives... there's this thing called Boo at the Zoo that I want to take her to. Just want this time we have alone with her to be special for her. She won't remember it, but through pictures at least she'll see everything.
That starts on Oct 17th. Can't wait for Halloween. On a Friday this year so hopefully a lot more people will give out candy. I think we're going to get a lot more trick or treaters too. We'll be walking around w/ Zoe and probably our nieces. Love it though. Such a fun holiday.
I also wouldn't mind taking Zoe to a terror trail. Or well... one aimed for children so... not so terror trail :P lol

Just can't wait. These last few months of the year are so much fun w/ the holidays and everything that happens.

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