Thursday, September 25, 2014

Driving me crazy!!

Lol.... love my Zoe, but holy hell she has been driving me crazy these last could of days.
Just not listening, yelling (her and sometimes me), just being a defiant little toddler. And holy crap I'm going to have another in a few short months! lol
For most of the day Zoe really isn't bad, but at around 2 or 3 is when possessed devil child comes out :P
DH asked me yesterday if I wanted to put her in to preschool a couple days a week to give me a break.
I know it would be good for her, but the thought of her around other kids... other SICK kids... no thank you.
I can't protect her for forever, but for now... I'll just have to grit my teeth when she frustrates me b/c I don't want her exposed to all those nasty germs.
One of DH's friends wife teaches a preschool so their baby was in that since day one and has been sick ALL the time b/c of it and then of course they always get sick b/c of it too.
I'll put that off for as long as possible. Probably next year when we hopefully put Zoe in to a martial arts or dance class.

Butt pain hasn't been that bad these last couple of nights thankfully.
Did toss and turn a lot last night though for some reason. But the nerve pain was ok. It was bad at one point but almost instantly went away when I laid on my back for a little bit.

Forgot to mention a newish symptom. My nipples are getting VERY tender. Almost like a raw feeling. It's the whole areola too. Thankfully I don't notice it that often but if I even gently brush against them it hurts.

Gagging seems to be letting up a little bit. Still doing it after I eat and take my prenatal and fish oil pill. It hasn't been that bad these last couple of days though thankfully.

Uhm I think that's about it as far as all of that.

OH! And I think my bump has gone down just a little bit. Just doesn't look as big to me as it did before. Not sure what's going on there but *shrugs* Not worried about it.

Dh wants to invite his mom to go apple picking with us. I don't mind at all, BUT it would be on a weekday.... when she is babysitting SiL's girl.
No.... just no. My niece is in full on HORRIBLE threes (well almost 3). She's cute and smart as heck, but being around her makes me appreciate just how well behaved Zoe is... even when she's misbehaving.
Plus... if it was just MiL, then she'd get some much much needed alone time with Zoe.
DH even said that she made a comment one Sunday when the aunt wasn't there at lunch about how 'someone' wasn't there to hog Zoe.
But with the niece there.... one on one time with Zoe would not happen b/c all attention would be on making sure the other one didn't run off.
I feel bad for saying no b/c I do want MiL to come with us, but ONLY her which isn't going to happen :\

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