Saturday, September 20, 2014

A good day :)

Today ended up being pretty nice.
Got a cake from Publix. Nothing special, just one of their premade ones. Got a strawberry one, but it's a very light flavor. It's pretty good, but I can't eat a lot of it.

We picked Zoe up at 3. Wish it had been a little sooner so she could've gotten a nap in but oh well. MiL and the aunt spoiled her rotten today buying her a bunch of toys from Goodwill heh.
Is it sad that I still miss her terribly when she's gone and worry constantly? Not sure if that makes me a good mom or just a little pathetic..... maybe a little of both? :P heh

Went out to a steak place for dinner. Ate 2 bites of the steak before I had to stop. Morning sickness has been acting up since about noon today. Everything is setting it off.
For dinner I felt ok... had a yummy salad, some cheese fries... and by the time the steak came out... I was done. The heaviness/fattiness of the steak would've 100% made me throw up if I had tried to eat more of it.
I ate the mashed potatoes since those don't reheat well :P I'll have a great lunch for tomorrow though heh.

We headed to one of those temporary Halloween stores afterwards and Zoe was NOT liking that at all. She's definitely becoming more aware of "scary" things. Kind of sucks b/c I don't want her scared of it, but right now she is. DH showed her something... it was this evil baby/doll thing and all she could say was "No no no no..." it was adorable and sad lol.
We couldn't find the child size batman mask though. Oh well... maybe some place like Party City will have one. May have to order one off the net if not.

Anyway, after that, we came home, Zoe went to bed and yeah.. just been a day of relaxing really which is what I was hoping for :)

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