Thursday, September 18, 2014

So what can I complain about today...

HA!  really do complain a whole lot, but again, this is the only place I can really get out what I want to say.

So the cat has been pissing on the carpet. AWESOME :\
Thankfully it doesn't stink which is kind of strange but whatever, not going to complain about lack of cat pee smell.
Fucking cat though.... Yes, I feel bad that his paws hurt him but damn... not having a pissy house would be nice too.
DH put a puppy pad in the spot where he's been going and thankfully, he used it. Just hope that continues and he won't go find another spot to soil. :\

And the puppy... only way I've been keeping him from still peeing and pooping all over the place is to leave him outside for most of the day. I hate doing it, but right now he's shown no interest in house breaking. He'll still come inside from being out back and will pee or poo somewhere.
Thankfully it's been really nice and cool outside though so the dogs don't seem to mind.


The roofing thing... ugh. So turns out it was the insurance and probably the roofing company as well. The 2 that have come out this week have both said they don't understand what the problem is. That we got back a good amount from insurance and things should've been able to get done. They wouldn't make a huge profit or anything from it though.
We are still waiting for the 2nd company to get back in touch with us. They're supposed to be calling our insurance. Not sure why, probably to see if they can squeeze out anymore money from them. We'll see what happens.


Still on the search for some cute maternity clothes. Oldnavy seems to be having a sale but I'm not sure if it's online only. Might go to the store tomorrow, but, meh, we'll see how I'm feeling.


Zoe is SO hard headed. Tell her to pick up something and she suddenly goes deaf :\
She is something though. Just full of energy and excitement. I can see her being the head honcho of some big company when she's older b/c she sure does enjoy being bossy LOL. Would love it if she went in to something engineering though. I have no idea why... just seems like it would be really useful in the future to have that interest/skill/talent.

Wearing one of my nursing bras right now. The one regular bra that is comfortable is dirty and my other normal bras are really frickin uncomfortable so I busted out a nursing bra and... it's so nice :D
My boobs have definitely gotten bigger. I knew that before but putting one of these on confirmed it.
They haven't gone up a size, but they're a lot fuller than they were and fill out the bra a lot better.

Really hoping this baby is either a good latcher or that I'll be able to pump more. UGH pumping though. All that cleaning and being hooked up to the pump. BLEH!
I'll do it though... at least to save a little money before we have to go to formula lol.

Birthday is Saturday. Not going to be able to relax that morning. DH has some church volunteer thing he's doing (helping to build a ramp for a disabled guy). That's cool... I'll just veg out once he gets home. heh
We're counting the concert tickets as birthday presents. Mine was the Linkin Park ones.. his is going to be the one in Oct (A day to Remember). I still asked him to get me a little something though :P
The organic grocery store we get water from has this delicious smelling lotion that I wanted. Cost $10 so not THAT bad. It's Wild blackberry scented and MAN it smells so good and he got it for me yesterday (after I reminded him heh).

And finally b/c I don't want this to end up too long.
I really want to go all out for Christmas this year for Zoe. Since it's going to be the last one with just her... I want to make it special. Or well... just special with lots of presents heh.
She LOVES her Little People super hero figures so we're thinking of getting her the princess castle. Can't remember who it comes with.. maybe Cinderella and one other Disney princess. I'd like to get her a giant stuffed animal that can be from Santa and yeah... not sure what else other than that heh.
We really need to start buying things now though. We always wait to buy ALL the Christmas presents at the same time and end up spending way too much in one go. Spreading it out would be much more ideal.

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