Saturday, September 27, 2014


Well last night wasn't fun.
Woke up multiple times with a terrible stomach ache. We went to this lodge thing for the inlaws. It was pancakes and these spongy sausages. Not what we were hoping for but meh. Afterwards we went to Wendys. I got a crispy chicken sandwich, and we split a 6 piece nuggets.
I think it was the sandwich or maybe just all of it that contributed to the upset stomach.
Just sucked though. I couldn't get back to sleep b/c laying on either side made it worse, and laying on my back kept making my ass and legs hurt, which usually doesn't happen but my body was extra bitchy last night.
Feeling fine now though thankfully. Bloated but ok.

Yep, at the dinner last night... just proved my point w/ my niece. The entire time she was running around like crazy and not listening to anyone. It would be 10x worse at an apple orchard. I want MiL to go, but ONLY her which isn't going to happen. Oh well.
Guess it will be a nice family trip with just the 3 of us.

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