Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Yuck Yuck and OUCH!

So, I've come upon an oh so lovely symptom of... Reflux!
I've had reflux before so it's not new new but it's new for this pregnancy.
It happened twice yesterday.
First time was right after I had eaten my breakfast/lunch. Was just sitting around and all of a sudden it came up and went right in to my sinuses. BLEH! Not a good feeling.
2nd time was at 11:30 last night. I had woken up for some reason, rolled over on to my left side and about 2 minutes later... here it comes again and right in to my sinuses. BLEH!!!

Thankfully that was it but I'm expecting it to happen more often now that it has started.
And again, thankfully last night the sciatica pain wasn't as bad as it has been. Most of the night there was only a really faint dull ache that I could ignore so I didn't sleep as horribly as I had been.

Mentioned my VBAC idea to DH last night and his comment
"NUH UH! You're not messing up MY vagina!"
He was obviously joking and said that I could try whatever I wanted. It sounded like he was more open to the idea of a 3rd but I know that can change.
I'm still on the fence about it. I don't think another c-section would be that bad since I know what to expect and there would be no labor beforehand to make the recovery worse. But I dunno... just not sure what I want to do yet. Still plenty of time to think about it and hey.. the decision could be taken out of my hands anyway by.. whatever. Maybe baby will be breech, maybe baby will want to come a little early and fast, etc etc.
We'll see how things go.

Used the doppler again just a little while ago and I FINALLY found the heartbeat! YAY!!!!!!!
I did what I had done last time. went down close to my bikini line and tilted the probe thing upwards towards my belly button. Found the placenta, looked maybe 2 more minutes and there it was. Our little choo choo train. Nice and steady heartbeat just staying there.
OH and, I felt movement!!! It was really quick and faint but I know it was movement b/c I heard it on the doppler at the same time I felt it. Must've been just a tiny kick or jab or something b/c it felt like a really light gurgly feeling. So happy I got to feel it though and SO frickin happy I finally found the HB again :D


Mlove said...

My 2nd c section was so much easier than the first. I had hoped for vbac but once we came to the end of the pregnancy and I was ready for her to be here (high bp, etc) I was happy to schedule the c section!

Ttccoconutt83 said...

I found the baby hb twice !!! Im so excited !!! I have to have a super full bladder before I do it ... It's addicting .. My husband also said about the birth and ruining his V ... I told them well ask them to stitch it up tighter lol

LisaL said...

Mlove- Yeah, I always read that a repeat is always easier to recover from and it would be nice to have that set date when you know baby is going to arrive. Still lots of time to think about it :)

Ttccoconutt- LOL, sounds like something my DH has said hehe.
Yeah, doppler is very addictive. It's such a great reassurance when you're finally able to find the heartbeat. :)