Saturday, September 20, 2014


I am now officially in the "advanced maternal age" category.  Yeesh. 35?? Really?? 35 is still so young. Well, I guess back in the day 35 was considered old since most of us now aren't popping kids out as soon as we get our periods.

35 though.... WOW.

Anywho, just sitting here alone. DH's aunt took Zoe last night. Really didn't want her spending the night but whatever. We'll be getting her back later today so we can all spend time together.
DH is off doing his helpful church thing.
And yeah.... I'm just sitting here screwing around doing a whole lot of nothing :D
So not a bad way to start off a birthday hehe

Alrighty, gonna go make me some breakfast and waste the morning away watching House on netflix.

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