Sunday, September 21, 2014

Was that the baby?

So last night, DH and I were in bed watching tv. I kind of half turned my upper body and I swear I felt what felt like 2 kicks and a baby roll.
It could've been gas or something intestinal though b/c about 30min later my stomach got really upset and I just felt like BLAH for a while.
I think I'm leaning more towards intestinal even though I don't remember ever feeling that before. It was just such a strong kick/rolling feeling though that it's hard to believe that it was baby this early.

I just tried doppler again. I couldn't even find the placenta. WTF? The placenta should be the one thing I can pick up since it's right up front. I must not have been looking in the right place. I would've searched longer but pressing down a bit hard on the fat doesn't feel good.
My next appointment is next Friday so hopefully the doctor has more luck hearing something.
It worries me a little but not a lot. I may try again later if I remember.


Ttccoconutt83 said...

Is the placenta the thing that sounds like wind??? Mine sounded like a desert i think

LisaL said...

The placenta as far as I know sounds more like a swooshing heartbeat. Maybe it can vary for everyone I dunno heh.