Monday, September 22, 2014

Sciatic pain?

I'm not sure what I'm feeling.
It's been happening off an on for a few days now.
It's like whatever joint that's behind my left butt cheek aches. It's like I've sat down on a hard surface for too long so it's now sore.

It gets worse in the middle of the night if I lay on either side for too long. Usually laying on my right side makes it hurt worse and makes it almost impossible to get comfortable again b/c the aching doesn't really let up. Or it will for a minute and will start up again.

Does that sound like sciatic pain or something else?

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Shari said...

From personal experience, I thought the 2nd pregnancy was so much harder on my body. The relaxin hormone came on so much quicker and my body ached all the time. I had the same pain and the only thing I did was go to the chiropractor. It helped but I didn't stick with it.