Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Go away butt pain!!!

Holy crap it's getting worse! Thankfully still mild during the day but at night... it suuuuuuuuuucks.
It's like now that I know what it probably is, it decided to start getting worse *cry*

I woke up so many times last night b/c my ass was hurting and I could not find a comfortable position that relieved the pain. It's not that it's a super bad pain, but it's there and persistent and SO incredibly uncomfortable.

I can imagine this only getting worse as baby and myself get bigger. Oh well. I'll enjoy what I can I guess heh.

The temps outside have been SOOOOOO stinkin nice. Upper 70's and just UGH so awesome. I turned the AC off yesterday and opened the windows. NICE! Yay for a lower electric bill! hehe
Hopefully it doesn't decide to get back up in to the 90's again.

Taking puppy and our cat to the vet next Friday after my appointment.
The cat has not been using his litterbox at all. We think his paws have been hurting him a bit more than they were. We want to put him on a much higher dose of steroids to see if it helps with his paws.
And the puppy needs his shots plus we can get a time on when we can get him fixed AND get an opinion on his weird leg/paw.
It doesn't look as bad now but you can def tell that it's not right either b/c it bows out a lot. He gets around fine though and loves trying to play with the other dogs lol.

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