Monday, September 22, 2014

Man.... pregnant women are so touchy...

Who knew right?? :P lol

Seriously though, after going to some of these forums... some women WAY overreact to some situations.
Especially former skinny girls who now have people JOKING about their weight. Holy shit that brings out the hormonal overreactions.

I know I've had my moments too though... all you have to do is look at my ranty bitch threads ROFL. ;)


About to go see if I can find the heartbeat again. Look a bit longer and slower this time. Will be back in a few minutes!!!!

... few minutes later...

Alrighty, no heartbeat still, but after searching a bit and having to tilt the sensor upwards towards my belly button from my bikini line... I could hear the swooshing or the placenta or cord. Only faintly though so yeah, my layer of fat and I'm sure the placenta are hindering efforts to hear anything.
Kind of hoping m doctor won't be able to hear anything at my appointment so they'll do a quick ultrasound :P lol

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