Saturday, July 2, 2016

Just a couple for now

Here are a couple of photos from the trip for now. I still need to get them off the camera and edit them all, but I'm being super lazy.

That red wagon thing was such a great purchase (think we bought it the year before to take on our beach trip) lol. We got it at a sporting good place called Academy. They have an even better one now that has better all terrain wheels on it. Think it's a little more expensive but good to get if you're planning on taking it to a lot of outdoorsy areas such as the beach.
I think Walmart carries their own version too for about the same price.

Anyway.... yeah that's all for now lol.
Isn't the Parthenon cool? It's so weird that something like that is in Tennessee, but awesome at the same time heh. So glad we went early. Even though we didn't get to go inside, we still had the entire outside part to ourselves (other than people walking/exercising).
Highly recommend going to it if you're in the area. It really was impressive and a really nice park.

I'll try my best to get more photos up... but as I keep saying.. I'm procrastinating HARD right now lol.

I did manage to tape up the molding in the nursery and paint some yesterday though. Took forever b/c I'd start and then just have all motivation sucked right out of me.
I just don't know what's wrong.
Have all this motivation to do stuff, but then I start and it all just goes. I just don't want to do anything but at the same time, want to do everything.

Got DH to make where the furniture is going and clean up all the crap off the floor. The carpet REALLY needs a good vacuum and cleaning.
There's drywall dust all over the place I'm sure. Going to take a lot to get that up.

Now I just need to sketch out the designs everywhere and then paint them. Think I'll clean the carpet first though just so I'm not sitting in gross old pee spots.

The room is going to look SO empty though. Dresser and crib... and probably a little nightstand and that's it. The room is pretty large.
Once baby is older, will start putting some of the suitable toys in there and let all the kids just go crazy in there. Lots of room for them to play.

I did buy a few things off Amazon for the room. Just some panda and non-panda related things. Not a lot really now that I think about it.
Oh well... not like decorating is top priority or anything.
Unfortunately though, some of the items are coming from China and estimated delivery isn't until August 12th. Uuuuuuuhm LOL
Hoping they get here sooner.. or at least until after we get home from the hospital lol.

Something else but blahblahblah.. I forgot as usual.
Need to get my butt working anyway.

I'm just so hot that I don't want to move lol

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