Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sucky start

Yikes... the iron pills really screwed me over this morning.
Actually threw up what little I had to drink this morning.
Also got a bad dizzy spell this morning too. Yeesh... what next???

Made a quick microwave pizza to share with Oren and I'm feeling better now thankfully. Just need to drink more once my stomach settles down a little.
Poor Oren freaked out a bit when I was getting sick though. Such a sweet little guy :)

He's a walking tornado and the living room is a disaster area, but he's my little sweety.
REALLY need to clean up today. I just can't ignore the mess any longer. It's driving me up the wall.
Just have to find the will to do it. I have the energy. I'm not exhausted or anything... it's just I'm SO damn uncomfortable and just don't want to move lol.
It's the same reason why I haven't worked on the nursery again. I have the energy, but I don't want to get up to do it.

It's also why I'm getting dehydrated. I finish my drink... get thirsty, but don't want to get up to get more.

End of pregnancy sucks. There... I said it. IT SUCKS!!!!
As I've said before... I'll miss it once it's all over.... but right now... IT SUCKITY SUCK SUCK SUCKS.

Even if I did want more... I think the way this pregnancy has gone and how my body is reacting to it would make me go "Ya know... I'm good with 3."
I seriously don't think my body could handle being pregnant again. I dunno how the hell women have more than 4 kids... well women my age. I could see some young chick popping them out no problem, but an older woman? Pffft..... nope.

I'm gonna have to take a photo of the living room mess just to show how awful it is and to show how much destruction a 16mo can do lol.
I do plan on cleaning it today though and going through all the toys. Putting crap away that they're not playing with. Really need to donate a lot of it, but I hate giving anything away when there is another LO coming and they could play with it.... Sigh. But man.. they really have too many toys. It's our fault for spoiling the heck out of them, but I love getting them stuff.
I need more self control in the toy departments! lol

I miss my Zoe! /cry
Still a few days before she gets home. Hope she's having fun.
I'm sure she is since she's with her cousin, granny, and aunt.
Sure, she drives me crazy with her attitude and whining, but man.. I miss my baby girl.
Can't believe she's going to be 4 in 2.5 weeks! Holy crap.... this last month of pregnancy is going by a lot faster than I realized.

Still want to take Zoe to Build A Bear, but other than that and getting her a birthday cake... we're done buying her stuff for her birthday. Just waiting to get some of the things in the mail (should be getting it today).
Hmmm.... ya know... I think all of it is superhero stuff lol. /shrugs...
It's what she's in to right now though so.. whatever :)

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