Tuesday, July 19, 2016

More!! With pictures!!!!!

Finally thought to upload some photos!
It's not from the entire trip. DH did something with that card and I dunno where it is. So will just have to settle for these few lol.

The ones from the trip are from our short stay with SiL. We walked to her neighborhood park to let the kids play and they had a blast there. Wish I could be that easily entertained lol.
And also from our trip with her to some castle cheese place in Wisconsin.

And here are some photos from home :)
And yes... Oren is in a tutu dress thing that DH put on him.... probably b/c Zoe wanted him in it lol.
And the one of Oren on the floor is one of the many instances of a mini-tantrum :P

And here are 2 photos of the new baby furniture. Obviously doesn't have everything set up like it's going to be just yet, but you can see the colors... at least on the dresser. Didn't really get a good shot of the crib for some reason.

And finally... the gross shots of the before and after using Bar Keepers Friend on that baking sheet.
I know the after shot isn't all that impressive, but I had already spent too long on my feet and didn't feel like scrubbing it any longer lol. You can still see that it got A LOT of the grossness off of it though.

That's all the photos for now :)

Oh, I forgot that it wasn't a butt swab this time. It was just a vaginal one.. still sucks having to get anything done down there, but meh... gotta do what ya gotta do.

Finally remembered to reschedule my dermatologist appointment today. Got it rescheduled to Oct 4th. Figured Oct would be far enough ahead to get anything done. Not that I need anything that would be harmful to baby done though.
I just want this gross mole taken off and possibly talk about ways to lighten the skin on my armpits.

Debating if I want to try breastfeeding again.
UGH... the thought of the baby chewing my nipple up like Oren did makes me cringe... but I dunno... there's still that appeal of it. The possibility of it FINALLY working with this baby.
I don't think it will though. Even if baby has an awesome latch.. my boobs just don't produce enough milk and pumping and actually seeing the amount being given is comforting to know.
I dunno though.... feels like I need to give it a shot, but the pain... UGH the PAIN!!!

DH didn't think I'd even want to pump at all. Honestly.. I have mixed emotions about it, but again have a need to do it at least for a little while.
Not that I think giving formula right from the start is bad by any means b/c we'll have to supplement like we did with Zoe and Oren. It's just this feeling of NEEDING to do it.
I do not look forward to actually doing it though. Feeling like I'm trapped in the house and living the days by 2 hour increments is going to suck. And the painful sore nipples.... UGGH!
No idea if I'll be able to handle doing it for the short amount of time I did it before, but we'll see what happens.

Lol... my belly button looks so damn weird.
Ever see the movie Dune?? Remember that giant fetus looking thing with the weird vagina mouth? Yeah... that's what my belly button looks like.
DH said it looks like it's whistling! LOL It's still an inny, but the skin around it is puckered out some giving it that puckered whistling lips look :P Too funny.

I think that's it for now... I'm sure there was something else, but it can wait :)

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