Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Happy 5th!

Yeah, didn't get a chance to post yesterday. I usually don't when DH is home anyway so not a huge deal.

We went to Walmart to pick up a couple of things... ended up spending WAY too much money.
Did manage to pick up some oh-so-sexy diapers for after giving birth. Woot! Not embarrassing at all to stand in front of that section and carry those to the cart lol.
Actually it really wasn't. I'm very obviously pregnant and I think any other woman that has ever been pregnant will know why I got them. I'm kind of beyond the point of feeling embarrassed at this point.

Also picked up a couple of things for the nurse box. Pens and chocolates. Still need to figure out what kind of 'healthy' snack to put in to the box... also need to get a box lol. Maybe some protein bars or something. Those things are expensive though. Need DH to help me pick them out since he eats them and knows which ones taste good.

Anywho... we went to MiL's. Good ole southern cooking.
Food was good... temperature in their house... not so much. With so many people, it got hot REALLY quick and I was miserable.
Doesn't help that the weather here is 100+ and that's going to stick until Sunday I think. Maybe longer.
Frickin crazy. Again... I dunno how anyone back in the days before AC survived. Screw the past.... hello technology!

Zoe and Oren had a blast. Zoe got to play with her cousin, Oren got lots of snuggles and attention.
Speaking of the cousin... apparently SiL needs to be on meds b/c apparently it's normal for her to have complete and total anxiety freakouts for no reason. I think it's a load of bullshit along with everyone else that knows her. She's a known drama queen that gets off on creating her own drama.
 So her husband (the BiL that I hate) dropped off cousin and then left. Only said that he MIGHT be back....
Seriously?? Fuck him and fuck her too.
She's an emotionally abusive drama queen and he's a disgusting greasy know-it-all.
I know that's not nice of me, but seriously... just fuck them both. Any chance they get they pawn off their daughter so they can both have free time.
Nevermind that MiL babysits their daughter ALL the damn time and they take full advantage of that shit when they can. Like BiL not picking up his daughter when he gets off of work. Instead he'll go home.. take a nap or just screw around, and then a few hours later will go and pick her up.
Or they'll have time off of work, but still drop off their daughter b/c.... just b/c.
I understand needing some time to yourself, but this happens ALL THE TIME.
It's a good thing they don't have more kids and don't want them. Both too selfish and self-centered to raise another. Or more like... too selfish to let MiL raise another one :\
And again.. I know parents need their me time... I wouldn't care if things like that happened every once in a while, but it's not that.. it's all the damn time with them.
Like last weekend? Or the weekend before... they had a party they were going to... BiL didn't bother picking up their daughter even though he knew damn well that they were taking her with them to this party. Nope.. he went home after work and went to sleep. Only bothered picking up his daughter when he kept getting calls from his wife, asking if he was going to get her and then had the nerve to pitch an attitude with MiL like it was her fault that he's an asshole.

Anyway... I'm positive that niece spent the night with MiL last night. We didn't leave until around 8:30 so it was already kind of late when we left.

But enough of that crap.....
I have an appointment today and both kids are coming with again. Hopefully they behave lol. They should.. they were pretty good last time and I think it's just a regular doctor visit. Should go pretty fast... hopefully. It's at 11 this morning so thankfully I won't be spending the entire day sweating or having to go out in the middle of the heatwave.

I'm feeling ok. Just achy down by my c-sec scar and hot... HOT HOT HOT.
Got DH to set up another fan in our room. One of those small industrial fans lol. It's SO nice. Actually got slightly chilled and put a blanket on over me.... but quickly kicked it back off when I got hot again lol.
Just nice not waking up sweating and miserable.

UGH... so my brother and his wife are going to comiccon again. Their kids are staying here and were supposed to be staying with my dad in Alabama, but apparently, my dad is living with one of his brothers who is a sex offender. (awesome family huh).. so no kids.
So my dad is coming up here to watch them.
Greeeeeat :\
I've cut him out of my life and I'm really hoping he's forgotten where I live. I know I'm not that lucky though and he's going to pop up. Uuuuuugh I hope not...... GAWD I hope not!! My kids and my nieces and nephew don't need to see me deny his access to the house... b/c that's exactly what is going to happen. The hell if I'm letting him step foot in my home.

So much bitchy drama in one post :P lol
Going to relax for a little bit before I gotta get us all ready.

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