Friday, July 22, 2016


Ok, so I did try to work on the nursery some more.
Spent about 15min on my feet painting and had to sit down b/c my feet started up with the tingling/numbness again.
So I sat and worked on what I could while sitting.
After a bit, I felt fine so got back up and did some more stuff while standing. Only lasted about 10mins before the sensation started again.
Said screw it and just did what I could while sitting down.
At one point, I sat on the floor to work on the bottom part of a section I was on and I was hunched over a little. Baby wasn't happy and I could feel him/her squirming quite a bit. I THINK maybe baby was pushing up again my lungs b/c suddenly I was breathing really heavy and my heartbeat was fast. Like I had just ran a mile or something.
Well, I don't think the increase in my pulse was from baby....
Anyway, that freaked me out a bit so I called it quits on doing anymore and went and laid down at around 8:30.
Off and on, it felt like I couldn't catch my breath. Thinking that was just the baby b/c he/she was moving around like crazy when I did lay down.

I still felt really off though. Maybe just nerves from worrying.

I just need to rest as much as I can today. Need to go to the store since DH works this weekend, but that's going to have to wait.
I don't want to aggravate whatever is causing all of this even more and hoping that resting today will make me feel a bit more normal. Or as normal as a 9m pregnant woman can lol.

Sigh.... hate feeling this way, but I still want baby to stay put too. Wish I could just go lay down and spend the day in bed, but that's not the life of momma.

That Bar Keepers Friend stuff works great on the glass top stove. I fixed pasta last night w/ some homemade tomato sauce.
Still figuring out the temps of the numbers. A 5 on our old stove gave a good strong simmer... a 5 on this one still boils. I had to reduce it down all the way to a 2 before it finally stopped sputtering all over the place.
But all that sputtering caused a lot of the sauce to come out of the pot right on to the stove.
If you cook, you know how difficult that burnt on stuff can be to clean off.

Was a little afraid to use the BFK on it b/c I wasn't sure if it would scratch the surface, but it didn't. It took a good bit of scrubbing but it took off all the burnt areas. YAY! :D

We also bought some new pots and pans off amazon. That's what I used last night too.
T-Fal? Professional. They seem pretty good so far. The burnt on bits from the sauce that were on the pan came off with just the faucet running over it. Thought I was going to have to scrub it too, but nope :D

Damn iron pill with water chugging does not equal a happy stomach. BLEH! Need to eat something really soon or else I'm going to start gagging.

 And finally.... Oren woke up at 6:30 this morning. Good gawd I hope we don't have the same day we did yesterday.
He was SO damn whiny about everything. I just couldn't take it anymore by the time DH got home. Hell.. before then.
Seriously, everything I said to the child would make him start whining and crying. Nothing I did calmed him down. I know he was just overly tired, but it was too late to put him down for a 2nd nap and too early for bed.
I was just beyond my breaking point. I kept it together mostly though.
Did tell him to " please shut up" a few times. Not my proudest moment... sigh. Just glad Zoe wasn't here to hear me say that.

Going to put him down for a nap a little later today and hope that helps with his mood later.
Not sure what is going on with his sleep, but he keeps waking up during the night for some reason. He goes right back to sleep though thankfully. He could be getting cold. He's in a shirt and pants, but may just need to put him in some footie pjs again to make sure he's all covered and not getting cold.

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