Sunday, July 24, 2016

Well that sucked!!

Got Zoe back yesterday :)
She was a big ole chatter box when we were going home. Missed my baby girl and glad she's back home safe and sound.
It's almost 8:30 now and she's still sleeping. Not surprised.
I'm sure this is the most, restful sleep she's gotten.
Sounds like she had a lot of fun though which I'm happy about.

So we got home around 8 after eating dinner and getting Zoe back.
Kids went right to bed and by then it was around 8:30. I was tired and wanted to lay down.
Of course DH had to just say something and whine about it.
Dude.... shut up.
I think he doesn't believe just how much pain and discomfort I'm actually in. I'm sure he thinks I'm just exaggerating it all sometimes.
He's not dumb enough to actually say anything to my face, but some of his comments and attitude sometimes does give that impression. Or maybe it's just me looking in to things too much and being overly sensitive lol. /shrugs
Sigh... if only men could feel what this was like. I'm not moving like an 80yo for shits and giggles here. I'm not grunting every time I move b/c I like the way it sounds. I'm not letting the house go to hell b/c I like the mess and stains everywhere :\

Anyway... I had to get up about 10min later after laying down b/c I started getting an AWFUL stomach ache. Something I ate was not agreeing with me and needed to come out.
Holy hell that was awful.
That terrible gut wrenching stomach ache feeling along with the baby moving along with BH contractions. That was not a fun hour of my life... on the toilet. Yes... an hour.

Zoe is finally awake and Oren is attacking her with hugs and kisses... and sitting and laying all over her ROFL.
Oh my gosh it's so cute and funny. He really didn't seem to mind when she was gone, but it's obvious now that he's so happy that she's home. She's going to have a little shadow for a while I think heh.
SQUEEEE... just melt my heart.
Maybe I can get a little bit done today :D
I'm feeling ok right now.
That punched in the crotch feeling seems to be intensifying during the night, but other than that.. I feel ok.
I just want to clean up these nasty stains. I hate seeing them along with the nasty clumps of dog fur.
Other than yorkies... what are some other dogs that don't shed? I think it's yorkies that don't right?

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