Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hmm, should I be worried?

So I started painting some more in the room.
I was on my feet for maybe.... 30min? And my feet started tingling and going numb.
And now.. my right foot and ankle are once again swelling a little.
The tingling and numbness are new.... this is starting to worry me.

Think I'm going to rest up and not worry about painting (at least nothing that involves me being on my feet for longer than a few minutes) for a few days. Maybe my body just needs to rest a little more and I know I definitely need more fluids. I'm not drinking nearly what I should especially since I'm pretty much sweating and peeing the entire day.

I'll be bringing this up at my appointment though along with my concern about baby hiccups.
It's just that with Oren and Zoe.. I felt their hiccups really well and ALL the time and with this one... maybe once or twice a week.
He/she moves all over the place so I don't think anything is wrong, but I'll be asking about it anyway.

Just worrying a bit more now b/c it feels like my body is just in NOPE mode.

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