Thursday, July 21, 2016

YAY productivity!!

I actually got stuff done yesterday! WOO!
I cleaned up all the mess in the living room. Put toys away, cleaned up the little bit of trash, picked up the hats and gloves that the kids threw everywhere AND vacuumed! WOO! The floors still look like shit, but at least it's not cluttered shit now.
It's just stained to hell from food stuffs from the kids lol. I hate the stains and do plan on shampooing the carpets at least one more time before baby arrives. Really need to do our room too and spots in Oren's room and Zoe's. Got a lot of work to do in just 3 weeks (if that long).

Anyway.... doing all of that made me ache like crazy though and I had to rest after.

After Oren went to bed.. I actually got some painting done too! WOO! :)
I finished up the lighter colored bamboo parts on the wall and went back over some of the pink spots that needed it. I'll have to touch up parts, but overall, at least that little bit is done.
Just need to finish up the darker green areas. Still a good bit of that left, but I plan on working on it today. That color needs a couple of layers so need to get the first on and dried so I can touch it up as it needs.
Then after that, it will be cleaning up the rough spots and yeah... should be good to go.
I still want to make SO much for the room. I doubt it will happen before baby arrives, but I'm gonna try. At least the things I want to make, I can do it sitting down lol.

Oren decided to wake just before 6am this morning. Sigh....
It's currently just past 8 and he's being a whiny butt right now. Awesome......
I was already awake b/c I had to pee, but I could've still used the extra time in bed to relax and possibly get back to sleep /cry. Might try to nap when he's napping if I'm feeling tired.

He got to see his daddy before DH went off to work though. And then he promptly started to cry when DH left lol. I know that made DH feel good... well.. not that he was crying, but that Oren wanted him. So sweet :)

Aunt called yesterday so I could talk to Zoe.
We haven't bothered calling them :P lol
It really wasn't anything special. Had me on speaker and all I could hear was niece in the background.
Oh well.. sounded like Zoe was having fun.

We got her toys in from Amazon yesterday. Some imaginext superhero figures that includes a little Flash. A Teen Titan Robin w/ a car and a Flash mask w/ cape. Think we're going to save the Teen Titan thing for Christmas.

They're not getting a ton for Christmas. We're still wanting to get them the motorized car which will be around $400. They'll get plenty of crap from everyone else :P lol

DH is off on Monday. I want to go to Build a Bear early for Zoe. Figured going on a Monday to the area that it's at would be better than waiting until the weekend before her birthday. That area of town is SO horrible with traffic. You want to see the worst of the worst drivers here? You go to that area. It's like everyone's brains just stop functioning there.

Anyway... would also like to go get a few more crib sheets while we're over there too ;) heh

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