Tuesday, July 26, 2016


It's 4:30 and I've been up since 3. Sigh...

At least it's not like the other night when I woke at 1 and didn't get back to sleep until 4 or 5.

So... even if my blood work comes back fine... I think they might wait to see what my BP is at the next appointment (Monday) and go from there. If it's still high, they'll probably want to go ahead and reschedule the c-sec for the 5th.
I was kinda getting excited thinking that maybe they'd do it this Friday lol.

Totally selfish, but I just want baby here. I want to get this c-sec recovery done and over with as quick as possible. I want the newborn exhaustion to start and get it done and over with already... but I just really don't want to be in the hospital for Zoe's birthday.
Started thinking about it on the way home from my appointment and cried a little.
I know Zoe wouldn't really care if we celebrated it a little late, but I dunno... it still upsets me.

Anyway.... this Friday... next Friday.... we still have a lot of work to do!
Need to clean our room up and clean all the bassinet stuff.
Need to rent a breast pump. Actually make sure they have one to rent.
Need to clean all the bottles and pumping stuff.
Need to go through all of the baby clothes and get out the size appropriate stuff (will do that later today).
Need to prepare some freezer meals.

etc etc etc.
Mostly it's just needing to clean.

Nervous and excited. The 12th is right around the corner, but it still felt far enough away that I could procrastinate... this however... yikes! lol Just shows how much still needs to be done.
Will get on it later today.
Do as much as I can while waiting to hear back from doc office.

I still can't believe I forgot to mention the crotch feeling. That's all I could think about when it started and then here's my appointment and it doesn't even cross my mind once!
I could use the excuse of the BP and possibly having baby earlier as an excuse, but no... I didn't know any of that until after I had already asked the other questions that I did.
My brain just decided to NOPE! on that subject :\

Alright... it's almost 5.... going to go lay down and hope I can snooze a little before Oren wakes up.
Not sure what is going on with him. Some kind of sleep regression or something. He woke up at 5am yesterday.
We didn't check on him and he did eventually go back to sleep after lots of whining.
Anyway.... I'm sure I'll be running on nerves today anyway... hoping to hear back something.

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