Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Little walking disaster movies

That's what kids are. I swear lol...
I cleaned up in the living room again. Not a total clean up, but enough that it looked clean.... and now? Not even a day later..... yeah... disaster area once again. There's just no winning with this and the hell if I'm gonna spend the little bit of energy I do have cleaning it all up constantly. Pffft

I vacuumed the nursery so I could lay out the rug we bought before going through the 2 bins of clothes. Oren goes out... I hear him messing with something so I call him back to the room... and in he comes trailing in potting soil behind him. SIGH.....
He's going to kill my poor coffee bean plant. Would put it in baby's room, but we're getting blackout curtains so it wouldn't be getting the sun it needed.
Hopefully once we clean out the dining room area, there will be room in there to put it that he can't reach.

I smell so bad. Or well.. I did before my shower.
I sweat almost 24 hours a day. There's just no stopping it. It's hot as Satan's balls and I'm right at the taint.
DH and I haven't DTD in a while b/c I just feel so gross all the time now (nevermind the aching).
I'm making use of the tiny handheld battery powered fan that I bought from Walmart. Think it was 3 or 4 dollars and worth every dang penny. Wish the little foam blades were slightly bigger, but it's helping.

And I'm so sorry to all of those faceless women out there that I scoffed at for complaining about not being able to bend over. I had no problems with that with Zoe and Oren, but this one... this one has shown me to be humble and not be so damn bitchy lol. Ok.. so I am still pretty bitchy, but at least I understand now :P lol
I seriously have to stop and think about if something I dropped is worth bending over to pick up or if I just want to leave it.
It's funny but also frustrating and a bit pathetic :P lol

Sigh... just have to wait a little bit longer. Just a little longer!!! And then I can look back and remember everything fondly while wishing we could go back out of the exhausting newborn stage lol.

I am so excited to see what we're having though. Was convinced it was a girl before, but now.... I really have no clue. DH is still hoping for another boy, but I really don't care either way. Ok so I kinda wish for another girl, but then for the reasons DH wants another boy.. I start wishing for a boy. Just really want baby out and healthy lol.

Great... new neighbors wife is super fit and cute..... bitch.
Lol.. just kidding just kidding.
Heard my dogs barking so I went to get them in b/c I know how annoying that sound is and of course, I was looking busted from head to toe. No bra, tank top hiked up a little showing off my tiger striped bump, hair a mess.... and there she was on her back porch with her daughter looking all put together and gorgeous. SIGH!
A little embarrassed but I really can't bring myself to care that much rofl. I know I'm a giant pregnant mess right now and I just don't care.
Just glad I thought to pull my tank top down a little bit. Usually have it tucked right up under my boobs to help try to keep cool (it doesn't work) and I usually let the dogs in and out like that. lol
Glad I didn't give her an eye full of giant baby bump and saggy boobs.

No photos today. Shocker I know.
Just feeling extra tired atm and hot and miserable.

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