Sunday, July 17, 2016


So DH finally sat down and did some bills yesterday.
I'm finally in the nursery painting more of the wall stuff.
Awesome right?
Well, here comes DH asking if I've used the debit card to purchase anything online.
Uh.. no. I've never used the debit card to buy anything online. It's only ever been the credit card and usually through Amazon or paypal.
Welp, turns out our bank account information was stolen from... somewhere. Who the hell knows where. I'm sure it's one of the bajillion places that always have some kind of information hacked.
The thing is.... one of the purchases was with our OLD debit card information. Information that should have been cancelled b/c we have since gotten new debit cards and when you activate them, the old ones are supposed to deactivate.
Yeah... apparently not. Load of horseshit right there.
Also.. another purchase was made right with our actual bank account number. WTF???
Oh and both purchases made to some Chinese company... not surprising.
How the hell they got any of this information is beyond us.. but just... UUUUUUUUUUUUUGH
Again with this shit???
The bank definitely has some explaining to do with the debit card one b/c that shit should not have happened with old card information that should NOT have worked.
Just... be careful people. When you read about information being compromised from big chains like Target or whatever... take that shit seriously or else you'll end up in our situation.
We have to wait until tomorrow to dispute the purchases made and blahblahblah. DH is also going to have to change all of the auto-pay stuff that is set up once our account number is changed too.
Just a giant pain in the ass!!!

Speaking of pain... baby has definitely dropped. I didn't notice it at all, but MiL, aunt and SiL definitely did. All of them asked if I dropped on Friday and.. I dunno.... I guess so. I just didn't notice since I see myself every day and always feel like crap now lol.
But yeah.. thinking about all of the aches down low I've been getting... this baby is sitting lower and it sucks.
Feels like someone has kicked me right in my crotch too. Doesn't hurt to touch or using the bathroom, it's just that every once in a while, it feels really bruised down there.
Guessing that's b/c baby dropped.

And there's SO much pressure at my c-sec area. SO... MUCH.... PRESSURE. Especially right when I stand up. I have to wait, then go very slow at first b/c it's so uncomfortable and a little painful.

There is no way I'm making it to the 12th. If I do.. I'll be shocked.

And I'm getting a ton more stretchmarks now. I really don't care. Just kind of shocking to see them appear out of nowhere all of a sudden lol.

Have more to talk about but think we're going to the store to pick up a few more baby things and Zoe b-day stuff.

She's only been gone for 2 days and I already miss my little miss attitude. lol

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