Thursday, July 7, 2016

Can people just stop with the hate already

So I'm sure we're all being bombarded with the news of the recent police shootings.
They're tragic and it sucks, but can people stop generalizing and hating on ALL cops already??
I'm so GD tired of seeing comments like "All cops are scum!" "All cops are racist and only out to kill black people!" "All cops are blahblahblah"

Just SHUT UP! Is it ok to say shit like "All black people are criminals!!" or "All white people are racist hillbillies!" or "All Asians are prostitutes and money hungry!"

No??? Then stop saying shit like that about the police.
Police are human and hey... guess what.... some humans fucking suck. That doesn't mean they ALL do.
I'm so tired of the media fueling this shit.
Yes, police really do need to be trained better IMO and should be trained to use non lethal tactics first, but even with the best training, there's always going to be a fuck up b/c people FUCK UP whether if it's an honest mistake, panic, or something more sinister.

Not saying the media shouldn't report on events like this b/c it does show that our law enforcement needs better training and the ones that are trigger happy need to be held accountable for their actions, but how about not ALWAYS making it a fucking race bait bullshit thing huh? Just b/c the cops are white.... just b/c the victim is black does not automatically mean the cops were racist or vice versa that the victim was a 'thug'.

Just ugh... I'm just tired of the bullshit. Get angry at the particular people who royally fucked up.... but do NOT make "They're ALL soandso" kind of statements b/c it just makes you look stupid.

And can we pls hold on to some judgement until ALL the facts are out??? No?? Yeah... not surprising :\

Anyway... enough of that....

Oren actually slept in this morning. Until after 8!! I only slept in until 7:30 but hey... I'll take it! That's an extra hour that I haven't gotten in a while :D

DH had to take the pup in to the vet this morning so he didn't do his usual morning ritual. Thinking that has been waking Oren up.
I know DH isn't exactly super quiet, but he's also not banging stuff around or anything so not sure why it would be waking baby boy up. Oh well....

DH still isn't back yet from the vet. Just hope they have some kind of plan/solution to the tail problem.

Worked on the nursery some more. Only managed to draw a little more. Debating how much more to do.
Don't want all of the walls covered like Oren's room is w/ the cityscape. Want to keep things a lot more simple.. mostly b/c I just don't want to paint that much, but also b/c I don't think it would look good heh.
Think I have one more section to do and that's it. That will leave a small section and then the wall w/ the door out without anything on it. Still sounds like a lot on the other 2.5walls but it's really not.

I don't explain well, but it will be more apparent once I get photos and post them lol.

Hoping to get the drawings done today and HOPEFULLY get painting today too. We'll see how I'm feeling though. Been so low energy and bump has been extra heavy lately.

We still need to clean up the kitchen and possibly the living room too.
We're supposed to be getting our stove and fridge delivered on Saturday and need to make room for the new fridge and a path to get it in to the kitchen. Joy :\
It really shouldn't take too long though. Just get the crap off the fridge and clean up the racks we have set up.

UGH, so DH got home and here we go again with treatment for the tail. $50 treatment that will work for a short while until once again, something triggers the irritation and we go through this shit all over again.
Just wish they would fix the damn tail already instead of just putting a bandaid over it. JUST FIX IT.
$50 here, 50 there, 100 here, 100 there.... how about lets just spend the few hundred dollars and get it corrected instead of wasting money on shit that's not going to do anything but be temporary relief.

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