Monday, July 18, 2016

Butt swab... tmi post incoming if you couldn't tell lol.

I get to have my butt swabbed today..... yay? :\
Well, she's gonna have to fight through all the butt hair to get a good sample b/c I am not even worried about that shit anymore.
It's embarrassing since women are supposed to be hairless like a baby (which is a bit disturbing once you think about it lol), but I DGaF. I'm hairy.... I'm giant and I don't feel like blindly shaving anything right now.
I'll trim things up soon since I don't want full bush there when PP bleeding starts. Don't need the pubes catching and holding on to all of that... bleh.
But right now.... MEH!

Debating if I should mention the pressure and heaviness along w/ the weird bruised crotch feeling. The bruised crotch... I usually only notice that sensation when I'm laying down in bed and roll over. /shrugs

I'm sure it's all normal late 3rd tri discomforts.

We went to Target and Once Upon a Child yesterday.
Decided to just bring my purse instead of the diaper bag. Sigh... wrong choice! Baby boy pooped his pants and holy crap did it STINK.
It stunk more than it usually does... of course.

Didn't get to look around as much as I wanted since we didn't want to leave him sitting in his poop for too long.
Did pick up a couple of footie pjs and a Batman play house thingamajig for Zoe's birthday from Once Upon a Child.

We rushed over to Target... got some more diapers for Oren and some newborn and size one for this LO. Also bought another changing pad and a couple of blind packs for Zoe. Oh and also another storage drawer thing for the nursery.
Doesn't sound like much, but damn if it didn't add up at the register.

I wanted to get Oren a few more shirts and maybe even some onesies too (to keep him from sticking his hands down his diaper), but with the funk emanating from him.. that wasn't going to happen so we hurried back home after it all. And boy... was it a funky poop!!

Didn't work on the nursery at all. DH and I have been binge watching Agents of Shield on Netflix and we only had a few more episodes left and wanted to finish them lol. Oh well.
Should work on it today, but meh again. I'll probably do some more on it tonight though once Oren is in bed.
Or maybe even after my appointment. We'll see.

So I'm now considered 9m pregnant right? It's all weird how that works...
B/c you think... Oh I'm only pregnant for 9m when in fact you're giving birth at 10m? Or a I wrong there lol....

Really need to go through all of the baby clothes and sort out some gender neutral stuff along with a few other things. Just need to get some shit done before it's too late!!


Shari said...

Sounds like SPD. Do you get sharp pains when rolling over in the bed? I had it worse with the 2nd and it took me about a year to heal. Sometimes it still flares up. Maybe you have a mild case. A pregnancy belt helps and takes the pressure off.

Hard to believe that you are on the down hill slide! It seems like the pregnancy flew by!

LisaL said...

Oh, I didn't even think about SPD. I was getting sharp pains before when I rolled, but not recently. It's just that pressure aching down low and that bruised feeling.
I was thinking about getting a pregnancy belt, but figured since this was the last one, it wasn't worth it to spend the money on it. SIGH! lol