Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Nothing yet

So... after googling some more... looks like this is kind of common. Gestational hypertension. No protein in urine but high bp.
I'm really not too worried about it to be honest. I mean, I'm not brushing it off or anything and know it can cause problems, but it's not freaking me out.
If I was experiencing really bad other symptoms, THEN I would freak out.
Seems like swelling is a common companion of this though so that explains the feet and ankles swelling up.
Nothing else seems to be getting swollen though so far so thank goodness for that.
Need to buy more compression socks. No idea where mine are lol.

Anywho... no news yet. It's only 11:20 though. I just hope to hear something back today. Kind of doubting I will, but hoping lol.

I dunno... just the thought of possibly delivering a little earlier is getting me excited... and nervous and a bit frustrated lol. There's still so much to do, but I just can't do a lot of it.
I managed to vacuum a little bit this morning, but had to stop b/c I was getting short of breath.
Still need to clean up our room and clear the bassinet off and clean off my dresser to make room for all the baby crap.
Just so much to do.

I know DH is hoping for next Friday. The concert we want to go to is on Wednesday lol. Thank goodness we bought insurance on those tickets. Money well spent it seems.
If we are able to go... that means the kids will be spending the night Wednesday-whenever I get home from the hospital.
Hate doing that to MiL and hate that I'll be away from them for that long. We can always see them on that Thursday of course.. but they'd still be spending the night with MiL of course.
All I gotta say is that SiL better not pawn off niece on MiL during whatever weekend I'm in the hospital. I want my kids to meet their sibling WITHOUT niece there distracting them. Going to need DH to talk to his mom about that.

Booo won't be able to see Suicide Squad though.... lol. Oh well. Just gotta wait a few months to watch it on dvd I guess. Not a huge deal or anything, was just looking forward to seeing it in theaters :)

Got to sleep in today! WOO!
But only b/c someone forgot to turn Oren's monitor on. Oops.
Poor little guy. I'm sure he probably woke up at his usual time but since I couldn't hear him... well.....
At around 8:30, I went and checked on him which is when I saw that his monitor wasn't on. He had fallen back to sleep, but who knows how long he probably cried for :(

I'll post again later if I get results back. If not, then will post tomorrow unless something happens.
Will also try to get some photos of the nursery up and maybe some of the kids too if I get any good ones. :)

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