Tuesday, July 19, 2016

That was quick

So I had my appointment at 3 yesterday. Turns out... my appointment was actually for 2:15. OOPS!
I dunno how I convinced myself that it was at 3. I had a feeling that I should double check the time, but I KNEW it was at 3 so didn't bother... :P lol
Won't be making that mistake again.
I'm on weekly appointments now.
Next one is next monday and at 2:45. /nodnod

Appointment went well though. I'm sure they're used to pregnancy brain there so they didn't make a big deal over it.
I did have something in my urine though. Doctor said it was most likely b/c I was a little dehydrated (which was probably true b/c I hadn't really had a lot to drink)... and to just be sure to drink more.
My BP was high too though, but again... I do have white coat syndrome AND some anxiety issues that I know bump my BP up when I get even a little nervous.
I haven't felt my BP going all crazy though. I mean sometimes after I'm done actually doing something mildly active, it gets my blood pumping, but other than that... I feel normal in terms of that.
They didn't make a big deal of it though, but I'm sure they will if it happens again.

OO, so we bought some of that Bar Keepers Friend at Walmart the other day. It cost just under 2 dollars for the powder.
Used it on an old baking sheet that really needed to be cleaned. Had that gross cooked on grease that is frickin impossible to clean off. BKF  got that shit off ASAP! I don't use regular sponges... the ones w/ the rough side and the soft side. What I use is just the rough side. It doesn't scratch and doesn't hold in the moisture so you don't have to worry about that gross stink that sponges can get.
Anyway... I used that w/ BKF on the sheet and it worked like a charm. You just wet the surface a little, sprinkle some of the powder on and start scrubbing. No need to let it sit or anything.
It's not perfect though. There are big black cooked on spots on the bottom of the baking sheet that it really couldn't get off. Maybe with a rougher scrubber it could, but everything else.. it cleaned off fairly easily.
I highly recommend trying it out. It's cheap and easy to get and definitely works on those tough to get out cooked on spots. Just make sure to wear gloves when you're using it. I didn't and my hands feel so rough and gross and it gets under your nails. BLEH! lol

I took some before and after photos to show how well it worked. Will try to get those posted... eventually :P

Did not work on the nursery yesterday. Shocker lol.
Started watching that new Netflix series Stranger Things. Thankfully at least that only has 8 episodes so at least we can't procrastinate like we did when watching Agents of Shield (which has over 20ep per season lol).
We stopped on ep 5? yesterday. It's pretty good so far. Really like that 80's movie feel of it with the kids trying to solve the mystery of their friend.
Can't wait to see where the story goes next :D

Welp, guess that's my cue to stop... Oren grunting trying to get a poop out and then stopping and wandering off. lol

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