Wednesday, July 13, 2016


So we got a security system yesterday. That was unexpected.
Someone knocked on the door around 5pm last night. DH went and answered it. I went to finish cooking and in he comes w/ the dude at the door. Uh... ok...
And yep... we got a security system set up o_O
Took forever and all I wanted to do was eat, but the hell if I'm going to eat dinner in front of people I don't know in my home lol.

I don't think we really need a security system. Our neighborhood is a good area and as I've mentioned in the past.. it's a big dead end neighborhood. There aren't any through roads so if you come in to the neighborhood, you're either lost, or you're meant to be here.
And we live in the very back of the neighborhood. You'd have to be a very stupid person to want to rob the very back of the neighborhood. But well... criminals aren't known to be smart so.....

Anyway... it wasn't a bad monthly deal and will give us that extra sense of security so yay for that :)

We also have a camera that we're going to be using in Oren's room so... I guess we don't need a baby monitor now lol.

UGH... so my dad is going to be in town for 11 frickin days. I PM'd SiL and asked her if she would refrain from telling him my address and/or bringing him over here lol. She gets it, but not sure my brother will.

He's already called the house wanting to see the kids and no. That shit is not happening if I can help it. Zoe's not even gonna be here come Saturday anyway.

My filling appointment went well I guess lol. I didn't chew the crap out of the inside of my mouth but I did bite a few spots that are sore today. Nothing nearly as bad as before.
Dentist did do 2 teeth instead of one. The tooth above the one that was meant to be done needed it too so she just went ahead and did it.
Not a big deal or anything :)
Just glad to have this crap done for now. I'm sure I'll need more fillings down the road, but at least for now, it's not something I need to worry about :D

Will still need to get the implant process going and get my 2 wisdom teeth out though. But that probably won't happen until the end of the year at the earliest.

And yeah... think that's it for now. The house is a mess... I still haven't worked anymore on the nursery and I don't give a crud right now.
Think it's the iron pills causing this nausea and overall, I just have no energy.
Things will get done.. just gotta build up the energy and willpower to do them lol.

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