Friday, July 8, 2016

And here we go...

OH look... where are all the assholes yesterday proclaiming for the heads of all cops to be put on stakes?? Yeah, some of them probably feel like shit now, but there are still plenty spewing forth their vile saying that the cops in Dallas deserved it.

Fucking seriously people? SERIOUSLY?? You're PART OF THE PROBLEM and your venom is only keeping shit like this alive and well.

I commented on some Buzzfeed article about the poor guy that was shot in his car. Said that while it's frickin awful what happened to him and should NOT have happened b/c of the cops mistake, that it was not ok to generalize all cops as wanting to 'assassinate us' as the girlfriend stated.
Someone replied that b/c black people have been generalized, then now it's totally ok to do it to the police.

Are you kidding me with that shit??? Am I the only one that sees just how fucking STUPID that comment is and how that thought process is only fueling this shitfest further?

So I guess now... it's totally OK to go hate on a group of people b/c it was done before so pfft... might as well do it for everyone! Punish them ALL b/c a few of them are fuck ups or assholes.

And then.... someone in one of my mommy groups disagreed with something someone else posted. Just said that she was going to wait to form an opinion until more facts came out.
Holy hell, you would've thought she had posted a picture of a burning cross with a black person hanging in the background.
The first fucking comment she got was something along the lines of
"Oh look, a white woman coming to the defense of the cops." or some shit like that.
NOWHERE did she defend the cops. In fact, she stated over and over again that she was just waiting for the facts and that she hopes that if the cops were found guilty, that justice was served.
Pretty level headed right? You know... using your brain.
Oh hell no.... the IDIOTS replying to her were having none of it!
They had no other argument in them other than, she's white so her opinion doesn't matter b/c pfft.. obviously she's racist if she didn't want to automatically hate the cops.

I honestly don't know how she kept her cool when confronted with such idiocy. I had to reply and say something. I held back the nice curse words I had built up, but a few slipped out lol. Just.... UGH
I'm sure those assholes are probably jerking off to the cops killed in Dallas and are some of the ones saying how they deserved it.

Just UGH.........

Anyway... sorry for the ranting, but seeing just the stupidity, hate, hypocrisy, right now is just really pissing me right off.
I should know better than to read online comments. It always brings out the pieces of shit in humanity.

In other news.... I started painting last night! YAY! :D
It took a while b/c I just wasn't feeling all that well, but I did start. Only got 1.5 bamboos painting but hey... it's something :)
It's going to be a lot more work than I had anticipated. Should've saw that coming lol.
Just going to be a lot of clean up work bc apparently.. I don't like coloring in the lines :P lol
Plus I'm going to have to go back over everything for an even finish.

Need to get the crib spots done so that will at least be dried and finished when we pick up the furniture.
Will get that done today along with cleaning up the living room. SO MUCH FUR!!!
While I do want another big do.... I dunno if I want one that's going to leave giant clumps of hair everywhere, b/c.... gross. We really need to either find the dog brushes or just buy some new ones. Get all the clumps of fur off of her and hope that helps. That's not the only thing on the floor. Lots of little pieces of trash and toys.
I suck at housekeeping right now... I really do lol.

I love the age Oren is at. He's like a mix between baby and toddler and it's frickin adorable!
I still look at him most of the time and still see baby, but there are those moments when I can see the little boy he's growing in to. Sigh.... they really do grow up so fast.
Also, just the look in his eyes when he looks at me and his sister and daddy. Just that unconditional, untainted love. It's beautiful and I'm making myself all emotional just thinking about it lol. Love this age. It's loud and frustrating at times, but still so pure and innocent.

Something else, but it can wait.... when I actually remember what it was. Need to get this giant butt in to motion and start cleaning.

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