Thursday, July 28, 2016

Well that's not gonna happen

I WAS feeling pretty good. And sitting here now, I feel fine.
But I went through Zoe's toys earlier. Just sat on the floor digging through her bins and taking out the toys she's not playing with and picking up the toys I could reach.
That was it. Nothing strenuous at all.....
You would've thought I had run a marathon with the way I was aching when I got up. Good lord....
No way in hell I'm gonna be able to clean the carpets like I want. Still going to vacuum, but that will be it.
Sigh.. this sucks.

FINALLY getting that nesting thing going and I can't frickin do what I want :\

Oh well.... I can at least try to look up some freezer meals to make.
I know I want to do a chicken pot pie. The one I made a while ago was SO frickin delicious and I think that would keep and heat up well.
Pasta something would obviously be a good idea. Maybe make a homemade hamburger helper type of dish. That sounds good.
Other than that though.. /shrugs
I think DH wanted me to make chili too. We'll see.
I got a lot of cooking that needs to be done though.
Thank goodness we have our new fridge and a lot more freezer space :D

Anywho.... going to try to clear the dishwasher so I can get some bottles and things washed.
Take it from there and see if my body cooperates and lets me do anything else.

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