Sunday, July 24, 2016

Damn you google!

Ok, so my right foot and ankle have been swelling a bit quicker as soon as I get up and of course I just HAD to google about it.
And of course it had me freaked out b/c OMG blood clot maybe???
Lol... I don't think it is though. It's not painful or hot/warm to the touch or anything like that and it's not even swelling up THAT much.
Anyway, I put my feet up (reclined) for a while and the swelling did go down so.. yeah.. think it's just normal pregnancy junk going on along with not really getting in enough fluids still. Trying to remedy the water intake today though. Don't want to go in tomorrow with the same problem I had last week.

I am still going to ask about the lack of baby hiccups though. Baby is moving around like normal, so I don't suspect anything is wrong, but it's just weird that I haven't really felt them very much.

Oh I am going to mention the tingly feet. I'm sure I'll just get the usual "Raise your feet" response though.

Today has been ok though. Picked up some toys.... only for other ones to take their place... sigh.
Didn't clean the carpets though. Put Oren down at 11am and he didn't get up until 2! It's almost 3 now and HOT.

Just sketched out a couple of plushie frame ideas that I want to get started on. Keeping the designs simple, so hopefully I can get them done kind of quick... although I'm sure that won't be the case w/ the kids wanting to mess with everything lol.

Really doubting I'll get the painting done before baby arrives. It's just all touching/cleaning up the rough spots really so it's not a HUGE deal if I don't finish it right now. And it's not like baby is going straight to the nursery. May just say screw it and leave it until after baby has arrived and when I feel better.
I just don't want to spend that much time on my feet... not with the swelling and tingling.
So yeah... it can wait.

Anywho.... need to cool off some and get started on the frame things :)

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