Monday, July 11, 2016

So sad :(

I had to make another post about this b/c... it's too heartbreaking.

A mod from TWW website lost one of her twins on Friday. She had boy/girl twins 4 months ago and.. from what I've heard, they think the boy died of SIDS.
She announced the news on FB on Saturday and..... my heart is absolutely broken for her and her family.

I just kept reading the post... thinking I was reading it wrong... thinking that all of the people replying were getting it wrong.....
But no.... I just didn't want to believe that what I was reading was true.
It couldn't be. She posted photos of her family all the time. She looked so happy, they looked so happy....
A happy healthy 4mo little baby boy... and now he's gone and his family is mourning.

Just can not imagine.... this should not be a thing. Baby size coffins should not be a thing. A parent should never have to bury their child. :(

I can't get them all out of my mind. I just hope that they're all going to be ok. Obviously not right now, but with time and lots of love from their friends and family... that they're going to be ok.

Sweet precious little baby boy... if there is an after life... watch over your family.

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